CM Apartment by Kababie Arquitectos

CM Apartment in Mexico City is designed and created by Kababie Arquitectos. Their inspiration is from NY lofts; it is elegant, soft and shows serious aesthetic. Dark and bright wood along with main grey elements are the ruling combination in this apartment. It exudes with seriousness, elegance and sophistication. Done in minimalistic style, combinated in some way traditional and modern. Kitchen and dinning room are very open, light and bright in comparison to living room and bedroom, which have a doze of  warmness and privacy. In the spirit of minimalism, details are not too exposed nor is there too many of them, just about enough, so the rest of the elements can be emphasized. This apartment is great for families, gathering of friends but also it can be used as great business are. Make sure to check it out, it is worth it.

Living room with combination of three different woods, with grey elements as a perfect balance.




White couches along with fireplace; very soft, open and spacious.



Dinning room is filled with natural light, very spacious and enjoyable.


Kitchen is vast, with few red details to break the monotony.


Bedroom is broad with grey being the main element once more, along with wood.



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