Clean it Like You Mean it: How To Keep Your Office Space Clean

Whether you have a small or expansive office space, it’s important to always keep it clean. If you keep it organized and neat, you’ll find that optimizing your space will also be super easy. A clean workspace can keep your mind refreshed and have you feeling organized and therefore more productive throughout the day. What’s more, if you consistently keep cleaning, you won’t have to conduct a glass-cleaner or floor scrubber hire.

Dispose, Dispose!

The first thing you need to do is look around you and see if there are any extraneous materials lying around. Often, things like stationery and other supplies tend to be stockpiled in one place. You should figure out what materials are useful in day to day work. Create separate and distinct piles for items you want to keep and items you want to throw away.

At first, you might not be able to decide what to keep and what to toss. However, think about what you and your coworkers actually use. If you see something that hasn’t been used in over 6 months, don’t even think about it. Just throw it out!

Recycle Excess Paper

Your workspace will probably have whiteboards and digitized equipment. You shouldn’t need to have so much paper lying around. If you have a large group of coworkers, you’ll probably have apps that you use to communicate. So stick to your group chat and scrap all the papers, even the ones you use for memos. Only keep the minimum amount of paper around if you really need it. Recycle all scrap papers and materials at once.

De-clutter the Desk

It’s easy to keep storing random items on your desk throughout the day. However, your desk is not storage space and shouldn’t be treated as such. Your desk is where you plan your day, get your highest level of productivity and set your career goals. It’s the one place that shouldn’t be cluttered and messy.

When you work, you should have the most amount of space available. Try to organize all the clutter on your desk and make it look more minimalistic. If something is sitting out on your desk and could be kept inside a drawer instead, you should store it promptly. What’s more, you can enhance your current space by adding things to the wall and creating a clutter-free environment.

If you run out of wall or desk space, you can always purchase small bins and boxes. You can keep these around or under the desk and fold away smaller items in them. You can store all manner of wires and chargers and other electronics in here neatly. The bins and boxes will add a better sense of organization to the room.

Think Clean

Keep in mind that cleanliness isn’t a one-time thing. You need to always remember that if you use something, you should put it back where you found it. Or, if you eat and drink at your desk, throw away the packages and wrappers instantly. Don’t hold on to anything because eventually, it will pile up and you’ll have much more to throw.

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