Cheap Moving and Organization Ideas

Moving pod as one of cheap moving and organization ideas.

Knowing how to do something is the first step in almost any process you can think of. For the most part, moving is not one of those things where you can allow yourself to learn along the way. The entire process is a really tiresome and stressful experience that can easily turn out into a mess of chaos and panic. Nothing too frightening, but it is something very hard to control when it happens. So, how do we save ourselves from those problems? Well executed plan and cheap moving and organization ideas can save you, not only from mental exhaustion but, a lot of money. Moving all of your possessions from one place to another can be rather expensive. However, it is doable without having to spend a lot of cash in the process.

Cheap moving and organization ideas

There is a simple principle that can help you with organizing your moving. You can split the whole moving process to a couple of phases. Furthermore, you can split each phase into groups of similar tasks. This way everyone can make its own Master Moving Guide, depending on a situation. For example, three basic steps you can start with can be:

  1. The planning phase
  2. The middle phase
  3. The after phase

The planning phase

Take your time with this phase, because the better you do your planning the better are chances everything will go smooth. There is a lot to consider prior to work that awaits you:

What is the best time for moving?

This one is easy, try to avoid your moving on weekends, at the start and the end of a month, and on national holidays. Think carefully about seasons, hardly any good can come out of moving to the north in winter. Aim for an early booking because your mover may be willing to give you a price discount.

Christmas Eve and the New Year holidays are not exactly a good time for relocation.Alt.tag: Holiday season atmosphere exterior.


Budget and expenses prediction

Strive to have full control over your spending. Distribute your money properly among the tasks ahead of you, and don’t forget to leave some extra money in case some task requires more resources.

Organization and moving calendar

The smart way to organize your affordable moving is to create a moving calendar to fully utilize every step of the moving process. Basically, it is a set of moving checklist of yours, a specialized “to do” list that lets you follow your relocation timeline.

Calendar notes for planning your cheap moving.
Moving-calendar is essential to stay organized in all that moving chaos

Dealing with utilities

Consider cutting off some of your non-essential services like cable early, so you’re not paying an extra month for them.

Moving on your own or not

This is a tricky one since it depends on a lot of different factors. Don’t try to pull off DIY moving if you don’t have a considerable amount of time at your disposal. Self-moving may be appropriate if within a certain distance of your home, like moving just across the town or locally within state limits. Some people will say if it’s more than a day driving it’s not worth it. An insufficient moving experience is another thing you should be honest about with yourself. You will need good packing skills to efficiently protect your property from damage when transporting. You will absolutely need to be physically fit or you risk possible personal injuries. Lacking in any of mentioned above could cause your relocation expenses to rise.

Find reliable movers with cheaper rates

If moving by yourself is out of the question then finding a professional moving company is your next logical step to do. In order to do so give yourself time and don’t rush the decision. Search for movers with excellent credentials who can provide you with accurate price estimates. Compare the moving quotes very carefully, and go with the best conditions in terms of price, insurance, and additional services. Be smart and look actively for promotions or discounts, and, if you are willing you can always ask them to bring down the price. Let them know you are serious and you are considering a couple of offers from several other companies at the moment.

Some alternative for cheap moving and organization ideas

There are a couple of interesting ideas if you are looking for an alternative middle-way solution for your moving on a budget. However, it depends on the distance of your new home, and the amount and weight of your possessions. Options, like renting a small tow trailer, a pickup truck, or moving truck, are all ways to go. Regardless, an alternative like a moving container (POD – portable on-demand storage unit) is maybe the best example of a hybrid solution. Company will drop off a portable container to your address where it is your responsibility to load and secure your possessions. They will then load it on their truck, drive it, and drop it off to your new home. This is a solid solution for people that are able and don’t mind doing the hard work.

POD is one of the best examples of a hybrid moving solution ideas.Alt.tag: portable on-demand storage unit for cheap relocation.


The middle phase

If you can do a packing without having to pay for professional packers you can save a lot of money. Just be aware that some special items like pianos and arts demand professional assistance. For everything else, get a couple of friends and family members and start the packing by yourself.

  • Getting rid of unnecessary items – the overall weight of your shipment is one of the main factors that determines the relocation price, so say goodbye to your old belongings. You can organize a garage/yard sale and even cover some of the expenses with that earned money. The rest of the items you can give away, give to charity, or you can leave it behind for the next owners to take.
  • Cheap packing ideas – There is no need to pay for all of your packing boxes and materials. Ask your local businesses if they can provide you with some boxes don’t need anyway. For wrapping your items you can make use of blankets, bed sheets, towels, socks and other pieces of clothing.

The after phase

  • Don’t waste money after relocation – don’t immediately buy a bunch of new items for your new home. Remember, you just throw away all the unnecessary things you can live without. Purchase only things you are absolutely one hundred percent sure you will need.
  • Maybe you are eligible for a tax deduction – Keep all of your receipts and papers relative to relocation since it may be possible that you be eligible for a certain tax deduction. Do a little research and talk with a qualified tax consultant about your tax deduction eligibility.

Moving will never be anyone’s likable thing to do, but with cheap moving and organization ideas, it should at least be bearable enough to get you through. Knowing how to do something, in this case, is the first step in saving your budget and minimizing the moving costs that await you.