Charming Food Photography by Haniyeh Nikoo

French photographer Haniyeh Nikoo studied graphic design as an undergraduate and found her passion for photography after taking a few courses at the university. She further developed her knowledge and skills by studying various resources available to me as well as practicing on a daily basis. While working as a graphic designer for many years, she kept photography as a medium to express her social artistic vision. She’sparticipated in a number of competitions and exhibitions where her work has received recognition. She says; “Since 2018, I’m primarily focusing on food photography. My vehemence for cooking and baking also has served me well to be able to beautifully prepare, style and photograph all the dishes myself.” When asked “why food?”, she replies as follows; “Food is essential to life, not only because it nourishes our bodies and our survival depends on it, but also because of the relationships we make around it and with it.”, she also adds that; “We associate food with seasons, cultures, countries, and emotions. Food is comfort, care and compassion; it evokes our senses and brings us together. Food is pure creativity and cooking is a form of art. There is a story behind every dish and a long line of history woven into its texture and flavours. I believe that food is life, and one must show its beauty right.” Her style includes mostly moody, natural, and warm settings to evoke the emotions associated with “home”. “We learn about food first at home. We eat our first bite from our parent’s hand and that connection will always stay with us and only develops further. So even when we eat at a restaurant we like to feel welcomed, warm and served with care. My goal is to evoke that feeling in all my projects separate from what mood board we choose to work on.” she explains on her blog. She has a captivating feed on Instagram, so we can’t help but selected some of our favourite just to please your eyes and artistic side.