Characteristics to Consider When Choosing A Garage Door

Having a garage door is a great idea because it aids to keep the family safe from intruders and any type of danger. It gives one the additional protection they need while increasing the value of the home or the commercial building.

People now have access to thousands of garage openers that gives them the advantage of choosing several types of openers they may need for their garage. When choosing a quality garage door opener, some important factors have to be taken into consideration. With the availability of more color choices and designs, it is now easy to have access to the best garage door openers. First of all; what are some of the types of garage door openers?

Type of garage door openers

Normally, there are three main types of garage door openers:

Chain Drive

This is one of the easiest to find garage openers and what makes it so popular is because it can match almost all widths or heights of most garages and it also has the capability of accommodating different materials. They are equally very affordable and the chains are used for moving the door. The chains are connected to the door of the garage and it either pushes or pulls the point of entry in the track.

Belt Drive

It is likened to chain drive; nevertheless, it works by making use of a rubber belt. It is the quietest amongst the three main types of garage door openers though it is more costly. The garage opener can be used for either heavy or lighter materials. They also make a good match for multiple panels or one-piece types of garage doors.

Jack Shaft

The Jack Shaft garage door opener is the least used type of opener amongst the three. Jack Shaft systems are computerized which means they usually have automatic deadbolts.

Factors to consider when buying a garage door opener

Door size and weight

Garage door repair experts always recommend people go in for garage door systems that match the size of their garages as there are some taller garages or doors that may need remodeling/makeover. People, who have heavy or these really big garage doors, should not go in for screw drives rather chain drive openers will be more suitable.


Based on recommendations from garage door repair experts, checking the horsepower ratings is important. For a home, the ratings have to range been half and one and a half horsepower. The half HP is sufficient for separated double-car garage doors and a great choice.


Most garage doors are often made of; steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. When thinking about the material to use, always think about the design, its cost, how long it can stay, and what it takes to have it maintained.

Noise level

This is an important check especially for those who are sensitive to noise. For one who is noise-sensitive, a belt or screw drive garage opener will make the best choice.


Go in for a garage door system that will not take forever to get access to the driveway of the garage.

Safety and security

When choosing a garage door opener, make sure to go for one that has security and safety features such as; rolling codes, built-in beams, and automatic reversing sensors.

Extra features

There are different features to also think about when choosing the garage door opener like; internet connectivity, battery backup, rolling code security technology, overhead lights, touch-pads for remote entry, and all other important smart home connections.


Another factor is to consider one’s budget, like one’s budget decision greatly depends on how much they have. For people who have enough money, a belt drive is the best option but for those who do not have, going in for a chain drive will be a good pick.

Tips for purchasing a garage door opener

Seek referrals

It is also a good idea to ask for aid from family members or friends who have their garage door openers. They can provide first-hand information about their quality and durability. Talking to a garage door opener expert is good bait as well.

Consider highly esteemed reviews online

Before buying the garage door, it also important to look online from the reviews of other customers as they will give honest opinions.

Compare different brands

Another ideal way to make a buying decision is to do a comparison of the different available doors. Knowing the different features will aid in providing the user with valuable information about the best door that soothes their needs.