Unique Tattoo Designs In Colorful And Simple Lines by Yechan

Seoul, South Korea based “Chanye Colors” graduated from a collage of applied music and he is currently a drummer in a band, besides tattooing. He creates one of a kind tattoo designs each of which seems to have the same style but has their own inimitable look adorned with different patterns. To get to know him better and introduce him to you, we had an online interview with this talented tattoo artist, and he simply told us how he started tattoo art with these words; “I like scribbling so I thought it would be cool if my doodles were tattooed.”, adding that; “I express in colorful and simple lines what I feel when I deal with something.” He mostly draws illustrations in vibrant colors, but he also has some all black designs depending on his cilents’ requests. At the first sight, his tattoos may look simply drawn in clean lines, but they actually has some intricate details which make them as unique as a fingerprint. As the last question of our interview, we asked him about his motivation and he replied as follows; “Everything has its own sparkly charm, so I want to find them.” In the future, he wants to travel around the world and meet people who love his work. He has an amazing style and impressive portfolio on Instagram, which you must follow, if you are fond of tattoo art. Below you can see our favourite ink art pieces of him.