15 Celebrities without Makeup Prove They Look Just Like Us

With these 15 selfies, celebrities themselves try to make a point that they are no more beautiful than the rest of us. The gorgeous divas and the most adorable looking stars we tend to admire for their heavenly beauty made a group effort by taking selfies without their makeup on. A quite refreshing insight in our favorite celebs lives, usually seen only on magazine covers with a ton of makeup and hours of Photoshop work, and movies again where they’re made to look like goddesses with a help of professionals.

Drew Barrymore

Zooey Deschanel

Emma Watson

Emilia Clarke


Cameron Diaz

Rebel Wilson

Liv Tyler

Alicia Keys

Milla Jovovich

Gal Gadot

Lady Gaga

Reese Witherspoon

Emma Stone

Jennifer Aniston

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