19-Year-Old Black Cat Turning White Due to Rare Skin Condition

In 1997, Scrappy was given a home and the only reason was because he was less cute than his siblings. “I made the decision to take Scrappy as I knew he would be the last one to be taken, if at all,” said the owner. Scrappy was born as a completely black cat, but due to his extremely rare skin condition called vitiligo, at the age of 7, his coat started turning white. Fortunately, this doesn’t affect him in any way. He is 19-years-old now and happy to be grumpy as day one. He’s healthy and still is the king on the streets, which is the origin of his name. “Despite his age, he [picks scraps] with the neighborhood cats… I guess you could say that he rules the street.” As many cats are, Scrappy is a total diva, and his epic fur just enhances his ego. And just like all other grand-fur 19-years-old diva cats, Scrappy has its own Facebook page too.

Badass look

Magnificent coat

19 and still playing

I’m so beautiful. Honest to god.

This toy never gets old

Ready for young pussycats

I’m Batman!

via (boredpanda)