Captivating Portrait Photography by Brandon Barnard

South African Brandon Barnard has been into photography for more than 20 years, in his home country and around the world. He has accomplished a thousand assignment successfully until now which helped him gather invaluable experience and expertise in his field. He always tries new things to challenge his skills as he believe this is the best way for personal development. Brandon likes to capture exceptional images of anything and everything, from portraits, commercial and corporate photography to fitness, modelling and travel. He has worked with dozens of companies including Nike, Universal Pictures, Warner Bross, Fanta, Revlon and shot talented actors, comedians and performers. He ensures that his clients are pleased with their images and aims to make the photoshoot session a positive experience both for himself and his models. He has an eye for detail, while constantly keeping the client’s personal ideas and wishes very firmly in mind. Thanks to his technique, he is able to bring the best out of everyone he photographs. Today, we compiled some of his best portaits of both male and female models. Hope you find them interesting.