Elegant and Sophisticated Bridal Gown Collection by Eisen Stein

The designers Yael Eisenberg and Heli Kalkstein established Eisen-Stein, the luxury bridal gown brand in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The talented duo met at the Haifa WIZO Academic Center during their fashion design studies. Later on, they decided to collaborate to transfer their mutual design vision into various collections and take part in brides’ dreams days from all around the world. They explain their style with these words; “Eisen Stein’s aesthetics was clear and unique from the very beginning, with beautiful, innovative designs. They brought a fresh breeze into the conservative bridal world with breath-taking gowns, reminiscent of red carpet designs, while emphasizing comfortable, feminine and sexy designs and original, flattering and contemporary cuts. The gowns are made with high quality materials: silk, soloists lace, and beaded tulle, in addition to delicate, meticulous hand-made finishes: Swarovski stones, embroidery and feathers.” They also add; “Each dress created by the designers reflects their uncompromising vision; the precise design and beauty of the dresses make them an inseparable part of the brides who wear them – and their unforgettable day.​” No matter you are planning your wedding day or just dreaming about it, here we showcase some of their both elegant and sophisticated designs just to inspire you.