“Breakfast Club Comics” – Where Puns are Tasteful and Meals Hilarious

Whether you consider yourself as an early bird or a member of the Breakfast Club, today we’ll introduce you to one special fellowship that shares these qualities. So, let’s get to the point. Brooke Karras created “Breakfast Club Comics” where the characters are various vegetables, fruits, and her other favorite food. And not only that foodlings are the main characters, but they are also specialized in jokes, puns, and silly food drama. Brooke Karras began the personal challenge of drawing daily in November of 2019 and used Instagram as an online portfolio for the comics. Soon, she started receiving messages from people saying how her little friends brightened their day or made them smile. And that’s what inspired her and make her keep going and creating these foodilicious comics. Scroll through our gallery and meet some of the stars of “Breakfast Club Comics” and follow Brooke Karras on her Instagram page, Patreon, and Breakfast Club Comics.


“Breakfast Club Comics” by Brooke Karras

Photo credits: Breakfast Club Comics

Via [boredpanda]