Boho and Modern Hairstyles for Beautiful Brides

Brooke Thompson is a hair and makeup artist based on the coast of Norfolk in Great Yarmouth. She trained with the DFMA make up academy based in Bournemouth in 2016. After lots of practising and encouragement from friends and family, she decided to open Boho Beauty Box in 2016. “Boho and modern texture is my forte. I just love when the hair flows into an effortless looking style, looking organic and most of all healthy. Natural enhancing makeup is my favourite. I love the look of sunkissed skin with those natural freckles still showing through.” she explains her style. She has created different unique styles and looks on wedding days for over 70 Brides and ​have over 60 5 star reviews from real clients. “As well as being creative with hair and makeup I also love a good craft. Macrame is my latest venture but I’m sure it won’t be long until I find something else to steal my time, lol. I dabble in photography and it’s something I’ve been told many times that I should pursue as a career…. Maybe I’ll get round to it one day.” she also states about herlself. You can notice how she reflects her interest for macrame on the braided hairstyles she creates. Wanna see her boho and modern hairstyles for beautiful brides now? Just scroll down and remember to save the ones you love!