24 Cute and Beautiful Bee Tattoo Examples

Bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since Ancient times. They are magnificent, productive insects. They produce beeswax and honey which are golden in color. Bees are nature’s reminder that it’s possible to be yourself while also doing good for the world. Bees work hard gathering pollen for themselves and their hives, and at the same time pollinating plants in their environment. Bees work in harmony with nature. (soul-flower) Honey bees, bumble bees, worker bees or queen bees… They make perfect tattoo designs reflecting positive meanings. If you are someone very productive or hard-working then you can showcase it by getting a worker bee on your skin or if you are appreciative and thankful of the support in your life and someone a little spoilt, then you can go for a queen bee design. No matter what your choice is, bee tattoos are great patterns and can be designed in various ways, any sizes and colours. They can be inked both in cartoon style and realistic one, both look beautifully attractive. Here we rounded up some of the most inspiring designs just to help you make your decision. Have a look at our photo-ideas then let us know about your final decision.

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