Autonomous ErgoChair Pro Review: Best Ergonomic Chair

Whether you work from your office or home, long working hours tend to have an adverse impact on your health. A bad sitting posture, in particular, causes several health issues. An efficient ergonomic chair provides much-needed support and comfort to your back and helps avoid such issues.

An ergonomic office chair ensures that you work in the correct posture without experiencing fatigue and body aches. If you need a comfortable and affordable chair, the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro may be right for you.

This Autonomous ErgoChair Pro review walks you through its best features and benefits. By assessing its usefulness, you can decide if this is what you need.

Look and Design

ErgoChair Pro aims to provide maximum functionality without compromising on comfort. Its design supports you in whichever position works well for you.

The chair is flexible and hence, is one of the best ergonomic setups for office or casual use. The Italian design comes with different levers to adjust the chair as per your body shape.

It does not shy away with its looks as well. ErgoChair Pro has a stylish design, and you may choose from its six cool colors. The all-black, black and white, and cool gray nail the professional look. Meanwhile, baby blue, evergreen, and red apple add more charm and give a personalized appeal to the chair, making them suitable for home offices.


This ErgoChair review covers the difficulty levels of installation as well to prepare you on what to expect. The ErgoChair Pro package comes in a large box. You may require some help in carrying it to your workspace.

The package includes hex screws to make the assembling process easier. They fasten the various parts of the chair with ease. The hex wrench helps you fix the hex screws.

Installation is easy once you follow the detailed instructions from the assembly guide. The whole setup process may take around 15 to 20 minutes.

Best Features

Is the ErgoChairPro worth it? To know the answer for sure, you have to assess its various features. This Autonomous ErgoChair Pro review lists out the compelling features of this ergonomic chair.

Functional Headrest

ErgoChair Pro comes with a highly functional headrest. It makes you less prone to experience tense shoulders and neck while sitting for long hours. Additionally, its wide surface cradles the spine and gives significant relief.

You can receive maximum support when you lean backward or stretch the neck. You can fix it at a comfortable angle to sit upright. However, if you prefer to work without a headrest, you can remove it effortlessly since it is detachable.

The headrest has a maximum height of 31.5” from the chair’s backrest base. It may be more suitable if you are below 6’1”.

Special Tilt Mechanism

This Autonomous chair review would be incomplete without mentioning the unique tilt mechanism of the office chair. The Italian tilt feature enables you to angle the chair effortlessly. It goes back and forth seamlessly.

ErgoChair Pro features the forward-tilting setting that is rare among affordable options. You can also change its resistance levels according to your comfort. Generally, this feature is only available with pricier models.

Tilt your seat forward whenever you have to look downwards, such as during constant keyboard use. On the other hand, when you take a break, tilt the chair backward and relax on the comfortable cushion.

Effective Lumbar Support

Another beneficial feature that this ErgoChair Pro review highlights is the utmost comfort offered by its backrest. It is adjustable, and you can fix it at an optimal level to experience maximum back support.

You may start by fixing it at around 20 degrees. Then, experiment with different angles and lock it at the most relaxing angle. The additional cushioning of the lumbar support relaxes your lower back.

Comfortable Hand Rest and Seat Rest

Every Autonomous chair review notes the high comfort levels of this office chair. The seat rest and hand rest of ErgoChair Pro offer good support. They come with enough cushioning that is soft and durable.

The foam in the seat distributes the weight evenly to provide a good balance. You can also adjust the hand rest in six directions.

Is the ErgoChairPro Worth It?

ErgoChair Pro offers numerous benefits. As mentioned earlier in the ErgoChair Pro review, you can expect maximum support and comfort while working, gaming, or using it for casual purposes.


The tilt mechanism and other adjustable features make it suitable for different body types. It eliminates any strain to the back, shoulders, and neck. The premium materials ensure quality and durability. Such valuable features and affordability make ErgoChair Pro a worthy investment.