Artist Jolita Vaitkutė Creates Vegetarian Love Portraits

Who is Jolita Vaitkute?

Jolita Vaitkutė is a young highly talented artist from Lithuania who beautifully portrays subjects from pop culture to politics in vividly creative ways reflecting the ever-changing modern world.

Most of her work is transient in nature, as it either gets eaten up or destroyed in the process.

There is something special about knowing that the art was here and now gone, like a moment in time.

Scroll down and enjoy these stunning creations.

vegetable creative art by JOLITA VAITKUTE

What Does She Do?

Jolita reflects her artistic skills by playing with food and creating portraits with it. Besides food, she uses other everyday objects to embody her ideas creating installations, performances, and illustrations.

Sweet potato, Chinese cabbage, red cabbage, cucumber, potato, celery root, and pumpkin are just some of the actors that take part in these fantastic art pieces.

The series of kisses “Hungry for Love” is not just vegetables that have fallen into the right places. Behind these organics are a real kiss and a true love story. No matter how long we look at these beets, potatoes, radishes, or pumpkins, we will still see two kissing people. The hunger for love cannot be disguised.

She portrays your weekend activities in the form of sandwiches, turns your love stories into a romantic dinner plate and you can see a scene from your favorite movie made out of a pizza crust.

Every person told me a story about how they met. I did my best trying to express their feelings through food art.” she says about what she does.

expression of love vegetable art

Why Does She Create?

Finding out an artist’s “Why” helps us to understand and connect to their art at a deeper level. It’s always great to know and understand the individual pieces, but understanding the “why” of the artist gives a true understanding of how the art comes into the present.

We need love like we need food. It does not fall within the defined frames. It disregards the standards and norms of society and erases all boundaries. Some of us are sensitive to the spices of love, so we can gradually get comfortable and accept other people’s love.” she says about her artwork.


Scroll down to see more of Jolita Vaikute’s impressive artwork.

bright vegetable art of two people kissing
vegetable art in the shape of a man
toast art turned into a beach holiday
mixed vegetable art of strong man
vegetable art of lady in the snow with bikini
content women made out of leaves art
leaf art of lady getting in to swimming pool
beautiful art made from leaves of man playing chest in the park
banana skin art
unclothed lady vegetable art


To see more incredible work & some of which you can purchase head over to Jolita’s website, Facebook & Instagram account.