Dreamy Wedding Photoshoot Examlples by April Walsh

Imaginative photographer April Walsh is based in Arkansas and married with a son. She loves to travel, host parties and make new friends everywhere she goes. She is passionate about photographing “love” and that’s what drives her. “I shoot weddings big and small. I’m a photographer based on relationships and connection. I want to take photos of you that feel and breathe and move. Stuff with guts. I want to work together to create the sickest, most beautiful images of you at this moment in your life.” she explains about what she does. She cares about her clients and tries to get to know them before the wedding to meet their expectations. As she states on her website: “I want you to feel that warm tingling feeling inside when you look at my work. I want you to feel that connection. If photography is just another box you’re checking off the wedding checklist, we may not be the best fit. And that’s a-okay. I’m for the lovers and the dreamers. The artists. The romantics.” she does amazing work with couples both at their wedding day or just with a couple’s session. She writes the visual story of your dream day using her camera and creativity. Below you can see some of her dreamy images of couples deeply in love.