An ultimate guide to scorpion treatment

In Phoenix, Arizona you will witness numerous scorpions that might be fatal to you. Scorpions can easily fit into a space thicker than a normal credit but by taking the services of a professional pest killer you can fill those voids. Before heading towards the solution of killing scorpions let’s discuss scorpions.

Bark scorpions:

They are hardy natives of the Sonara desert and have not changed since the time of the dinosaur. Their size is not more than a dollar. And they are tan or light brown that helps them to blend in the desert easily. Humans can found them easily in the light because they glow when they are vulnerable to ultraviolet light.

The breaking in of scorpions in your house

It is plain sailing for scorpions to get into the house as they can fit into the space length of 6/11 inches. As they are nocturnal with poor vision so they wander along the baseboards, walls, and ceilings in search of food. Moreover, they have a specialty of climbing roofs and ceilings.

Are bark scorpions lethal?

In North America, bark scorpions are considered the most venomous type of scorpion. Annually, thousands of phoenix homeowners are stung by the scorpions. However, their powers of venom vary from Scorpio to Scorpio but mostly the stung has painful experience i.e. tingling, numbness, and many more. Furthermore, the fatalities reported by scorpion stung is very are rare.

Most of the time, the scorpion stung humans when they brush up on the wall, accidentally step on a scorpion etc.

Attractive habitat for scorpions:

Many hiding places appeal to the scorpions in rocks, bricks, piled woods, holes, and many more. Scorpions cover themselves in the summer season whereas hibernation is their character in the winter season. There a few features that appeal to scorpions in your house.

Citrus tree

In phoenix, mostly people have citrus in their backyard. The name of bark scorpion depicts that they are perfect climbers not only this, but for scorpions fallen citrus are perfect prey.

Block walls

The block walls are the most appealing place for scorpions to squeeze in and thrive. The smallest place in the walls allows them to enter easily.

Landscaping and grass

The sprinkler system provides habitat for cricket and roaches not only this, but also due to this factor, a great bountiful hunting ground will be available for bark scorpions.

Exterior walls

Bark scorpions can jump from the backyard walls and head towards the exterior walls of the house. They can easily pass from the narrow places. Mostly, they pass from the places present between the wall and foundations. Or in a few cases, they pass from the gap present between floor and exterior doors.

Prevention from bark scorpion at phoenix:

It is mandatory to do some sort of prevention to avoid bark scorpions. Most people use home-made remedies whereas other scorpion team phoenix or other renowned scorpions control agencies.


In the short run, prevention is always better than cure. So, contact agencies, companies, or use prescribed medicines to avoid bark scorpions.