Lovely Family And Children Photography by Amy Cooke

Amy Cooke is a family & wedding photographer based in Surrey but works all over the UK. She started her photography journey about 6 years ago doing small weddings for friends & the odd family shoot for fun. “Imagine my delight when I realised I could make this my career! I love my job, I love the people I get to meet & work with, I am so grateful that I get to do something I love everyday & it’s a real honour to photograph your important moments & milestones.” she states on her blog. She says; “My favourite photos are always the unplanned ones… The ones where the person can completely forget about the camera. A genuine & authentic photograph, revealing what it feels like to be there. I adore capturing those small moments, those natural interactions.” Every family and couple is different so every shoot she does is different; the variety she gets from her job is a constant joy. She loves that she is capturing memories for you, she loves looking through their old family albums, she has still got those gorgeous black & white photographs taken by her Dad on his Pentax SLR over 30 years ago. “I love that the photos I take today will be looked back on by your family, your children & your children’s children, your friend’s children and your great nieces, nephews & their offspring! Life is filled with amazing moments, you should be allowed to live in them and trust someone else to capture those unique times, I love that I get to capture a part of someone’s story, whilst they get to enjoy it. And lastly, I love my job, I love knowing that I’ve created something that in years to come, your children & your children’s children & your great nieces, nephews, friend’s offspring, will look at these memories I’ve captured.” It is a great chance to do what you love and discovering what you are for. Now, let us showcase some of her brilliant family and children portraits that we have rounded up for you.