All about Cashmere and Cashmere Ponchos

Cashmere is known as one of the highest quality, luxury materials used in making clothes that are mostly meant to be worn during the Fall and Winter seasons of the year, because they keep people nice and warm. The material also has a softness that is hard for other similar materials to beat. With that being said, it is a very expensive material compared to other similar materials. So where exactly does this luxury material come from, you might ask?

More about Cashmere

There are two other names that cashmere is known by, that would be King’s Fiber and Golden Fleece. The fiber that is used to make cashmere comes from a certain type of goat that can be found in the continents of Afghanistan, China, Asian Highlands, and Mongolia. The high temperature excursions that take place in the locations that the Hircus Blythi Goat can be found in, causes the duvet growth as well as the guard hair that grows on its body. These temperatures allow for these creatures to grow their coat that is full of high quality thermos qualities which helps to protect them from various different fluctuations in the climate. So now you know where this marvelous cashmere material comes from.

Harvesting of Cashmere

If you know nothing about how cashmere is collected from the Hircus Blythi goats, then you might think that they are shaved, but this is not how it is collected. The goats’ fur is collected during what is known as the harvesting season between the months of March and May. These goats shed their hair during these months and then it is collecting for the purpose of making various types of high quality clothing.

Cashmere Qualities vs Wool

While wool is soft, cashmere is even softer and is also finer compared to wool. It’s very light, yet comforting to the touch on the skin. Cashmere also lasts for many years to come, helping you to get through the cooler months of the year. Continue to read along to learn more about the qualities of cashmere that make it a top notch material:


The finer a fiber is, the softer it will be. Cashmere is so valuable because of its rare softness that you cannot find in a lot of similar materials. For a fiber to be considered cashmere it has to be 19 microns in diameter, or less. Human hair is known to be about 50 to 70 microns. The softness and lusciousness of cashmere is unbeatable, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling itchy like sheep wool.


Again, comparing cashmere to sheep wool, cashmere is more insulated than sheep wool; about three times more insulated than wool to be precise. Cashmere can keep you warm on the coldest weather conditions. Cashmere also has thermoregulation capabilities, which means that it can keep your body temperature stable regardless of the weather conditions.


Cashmere holds a natural, yet long lasting durability that allows it to keep its shape for many, many years to come. The material will not stretch, warp, or fade like many other materials do in a short period of time. However, you do need to make sure that you are properly taking care of it as well. Authentic cashmere ponchos are quite commonly worn during the cooler months of the year and are very versatile with numerous outfit options.


Cashmere isn’t like that typical material at all that absorbs fluid and sweat, which would make it unbreathable. In fact, it is one of the most breathable materials. So this makes it extra comfortable to wear. You can wear cashmere all day and still remain quite fresh because of the breathability.

Light in weight

Since cashmere hairs are quite fine, this results in the material being very lightweight. Other types of man-made fibers and sheep wool tend to be made bulkier so they aren’t as light weight and durable.

Stays Clean

Unlike other types of materials, cashmere repels dust and doesn’t get build-up on the fabric from wear or storage. It stays neat and clean at all times. It actually takes much less work to keep cashmere clean compared to some other cheaper quality materials.


Cashmere is a wonderful, high quality, durable material that is perfect to be worn during colder months out of the year. Its qualities allow it to be considered one of the best materials for clothing. While you can expect to pay a higher price for cashmere compared to other materials, it is most certainly worth every penny! and don’t forget to check out some great design of cashmere ponchos at

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