Aesop Skincare Brand Promotes a Lighter Impact on the Environment

Aesop is a well-known brand in the world of cosmetics and skincare products. The brand is famous for the dedication and passion they put into their creations, but they’ve recently become more famous due to their commitment to becoming a net-zero emissions producer by the end of 2030.

According to their Director of Innovation, Kate Forbes, the company has an unwavering commitment to quality, excellence, and sustainability across ideas and formulations. Therefore, their goal is to have as little influence on the environment as possible.

While this may also be connected to their marketing strategy, it’s important to mention that this Australian self-care label uses a combination of organic plant-based materials and laboratory-made ingredients (a way to mix ancient practices with scientific advancements) to create high-quality products with impressive results.

For instance, a selection of such amazing products can be found in Aesop’s organic skincare line. The collection contains everything from gentle body cleansers with citrus fragrance to balms and moisturizers that keep the skin looking young and soft. But, regardless of your choice, you will be buying a product made with natural ingredients, which may not be possible in a future where we don’t care for the environment.

Aesop’s Pledge to the Environment

For now, the luxury skincare label received carbon neutral certification under Climate Active in Australia and includes all their operations on the continent (like stores, offices, freight, or digital dispatches). According to the data, the company managed to reduce its emissions from flight activity by 7% in 2019 and its efforts continue strong in 2021. This step requires investments in various optimization tools and devices that help improve the use of renewable energy, so it requires a progressive approach.

Moreover, their efforts don’t stop here as they plan to switch to renewable energy in all their spaces, all over the world. The company is also focusing on packaging reuse and works hard to design practices that produce minimum waste material. Lastly, they have increased the amount of recycled content used in their packing.

Overall, they are truly a company that cares for the environment and take action to make sure they don’t add to the overall harmful activities and products.

Sustainable Luxury – Is It Possible?

But how exactly does a luxury skincare brand stay sustainable without hyping the price or lowering the quality?

Given that Aesop is the go-to brand for many individual users and companies (like beauty salons, spas, hairstyling establishments, massage parlors, and more) it is natural to wonder about their practices as an environmentally-conscious brand. However, it seems that Aesop’s representatives were interested in creating a sustainable brand from the start. Therefore, there is no need for radical changes and methods -they only have to adjust to the current practices and modern methods.

In addition, their initiatives go beyond care for the environment. The company is aiming to create an inclusive and engaged culture, where everyone will feel comfortable and appreciated as an employee.

As a result, their products are designed with love and care, which is why so many customers appreciate them. With Aesop, everything is simple and straightforward – the packaging is uncomplicated, the containers look like vials from an apothecary, and the science behind each product is solid.

Therefore, you can continue to put your trust in this brand and use their products for all sorts of events and special occasions. In fact, some customers trust them so much that they wouldn’t use anything else for their wedding picture session.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, Aesop is a courageous brand that shows the world that it is possible to keep on creating a high-quality product and care for the environment. It doesn’t have to be a “one or the other” type of situation.