Accidents Happen Every Minute: Why We Should Never Underestimate Distractions

Did you know that almost a third of all road accidents result from distracted driving?

A lack of attention is eminent in one-third of all traffic accidents. Technology is as good, but it is also as distractive. Smartphones and other gadgets like Bluetooth audios constitute a significant source of distraction while driving. Also, drivers spend approximately a fifth of their driving time on destructive activities. This is why accidents happen every minute: why we should never underestimate distractions:

Distractions Kill

Sadly, it can only take seconds to cause an accident because you’re distracted while driving. It can result from such a simple act as checking a text that has just come through. These few seconds can, however either end your life or simply transform it forever. Shockingly, according to distracted driving accident statistics, absent-minded driving has become too familiar and the numbers of accidents caused by it are too high. As a result, some states have dedicated lawyers to handle such accident-related cases.

Therefore, in case your loved one perishes in an accident caused by distracted driving, you can file a compensation claim on behalf of your family member. These distractions can be those resulting from inattentiveness, texting, or making a phone call. You can hold the parties responsible accountable for causing the accident and for being negligent.

Interestingly, the information you receive while driving can also affect your ability to drive safely. For instance, you can receive the bad news that you have lost a loved one while driving. The report can break your heart and make you lose the concentration to drive. This further increases your chances of causing an accident. Some news can also be so exciting, and you may end up being over-excited and lose concentration on the road.

Distractions Are Time-Consuming

The few seconds you halt to read a text or slow down so you can concentrate on the text is enough for you to cover some distance and save your time. Depending on the number of texts you are going to pay attention to as you drive, you can end up wasting a reasonable amount of time. If you’re heading to a meeting, you can end up eating into your time with distractions on the road and arrive late to the forum.

They Can Make You Ignorant

You can be a law-abiding driver who adheres to all the driving rules to the latter, yet distraction can still make you ignorant and cost you accordingly. For instance, you can fail to read vital road signs because you were busy reading a text when reading the signs. As a result, you can end up failing to drive at the required speed in some areas with limited speed warnings. Consequently, you can end up being arrested and charged for being defiant.

The Statistics Are Worrying

All over the world, the rates of deaths and injuries caused by distracted driving are alarming. Remember that distracted driving not only puts you at risk but it also puts other road users and passengers at risk. Based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention facts, nine people die monthly in the United States of America.

Similarly, over one thousand people die annually from accidents caused by distracted drivers in the United States of America. Distracted driving thus causes substantial economic losses as countries lose productive people. Distracted driving is also a serious public health threat in many countries worldwide. Young people are the most affected by distracted driving, yet they are the human resources that economies need to thrive.

Distractions Are Not Worth The Cost

Distraction can cause accidents. Accidents can be fatal, and they can cause you lifetime disabilities. Simultaneously, the agony you’ll leave your family with after you die from an accident is long-lasting. You can survive death but suffer a permanent disability which you shall live to regret. As if that is not enough, the damages your car can suffer and the harm you may cause other motorists if you cause an accident due to distraction are immense. The call you make or the text you send while on the road cannot pay back all the harm you can cause.

Distractions can be as simple as reading a text or writing one, receiving phone calls, being inattentive, or engaging onboard passengers as you drive. Videos on your phone can also distract you, and you may risk causing an accident. Distractions can cause irreparable damages like car damage and loss of life and property. They are never worth the cause. Note that the trend of distraction-related accidents is worrying, especially among the youth. You wouldn’t want to be a part of the statistics, so never underestimate distractions.