A Minnesota Road Trip to See the World’s Largest Roadside Attractions

There are more than 2,000 roadside attractions in America, including 195 which claim to be “the world’s largest” something. These include the world’s tallest thermometer in Baker, California, the world’s largest ketchup bottle in Collinsville, Illinois and the world’s largest hand-painted Czech egg in Wilson, Kansas. These roadside attractions aren’t just something to look out for whilst you are traveling across the country, they have been inspiring people from around the world to come and seek them out – they are true works of art. Many roadside attraction fans even “collect them,” just like Pokemon, “you gotta catch ‘em all!” Planning a road trip to look at these attractions can be a great adventure and will certainly meet some interesting people along the way. The state of Minnesota is home to the most “world’s largest” attractions, and is a good place to start.

Big Men

Before you set out on the road, make sure you have adequate insurance, particularly if you are going on a trip for more than a week or two. A good road accident lawyer can help you understand your options if there is an incident while you are driving. If you are involved in an accident, you will then be covered if you or a third party is injured. Minnesota is 225,181 ㎢, so you will certainly need to be on the road for an extended vacation. You could start your journey at the world’s largest Paul Bunyon in Akeley – he is 60 feet tall. From Akeley, a few hours on the US-10 will take you to Blue Earth where you can find the largest Jolly Green Giant in the world, who is only 5 feet shorter than Paul Bunyon. The MN-4 can then take you to see the world’s largest viking in Alexandria, a 28 feet tall warrior known as Big Ole. Can you imagine if all the big men got into a fight?

Big Birds

In Belgrade, you will find the world’s largest crow, who sits proudly on top of a pedestal in the Belgrade Centennial Memorial Park. The crow is 18 feet tall, and fortunately doesn’t need feeding. Only a couple of hours down the road via the I-94 is the world’s largest pelican, at Pelican Rapids. The pelican was made in 1957 and stands on the Mill Pond Dam in the middle of Pelican River. From there you can travel to Frazee, only half an hour down the Viking Trail, to visit the world’s largest turkey. He is known as Big Tom.

Big animals

If you are a fishing fan, you should visit the world’s largest Walleye, in Kabetogama. Situated right next to Lake Kabetogama, the giant fish is loved by the town. Four hours away along the Voyager Highway, you will find the world’s largest otter in Fergus Falls. The city mascot, Otto, is 40 feet long. You can then travel to Nevis on the US-59 and the MN-34 to visit the largest tiger muskie. The sculpture was made in 1949 and is a beautiful work of art.

Minnesota is a great place for a “largest things” road trip and there is plenty to see along the way. Don’t forget to visit the world’s largest ball of twine in Darwin too, much celebrated by the city every August on Twine Ball Day.