A Handy Guide On Getting Compensation For Lost Income After A Work Injury

There are many challenges to getting injured, including suffering the pain of the injury itself, going through recovery, and sometimes the incident may be severe and the injury may have long-term or permanent effects. In addition to this, they leave emotional and mental scars that take time to heal. The good news is that whatever the harm that befell you as a result of an accident, you’re entitled to compensation to be able to move on and focus on your recovery.

When it comes to work injuries, the compensation employees are entitled to be pretty generous and should cover the financial losses that resulted from the incident. We bring you this handy guide to further understand the procedures of securing compensation for the income you lost due to the work injury.

Report the Incident on the Spot

The first thing you must do is to report the incident as soon as you can. The earlier you file a report, the more you’re guaranteed evidence accuracy. Many job owners will want to hide any proof that the accident is a result of an unsafe work environment or that they’re in any way responsible for the harm caused to the employee. To be safe and ensure you get your full rights, file the report immediately.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Even if you have all the documents, you need an expert to help you along the way. Ask your friends and family to suggest lawyers who can help you build your case and win. In case this doesn’t work, you will then have to do thorough research to find well-experienced lawyers or reputable law firms that will take care of your case for you. The lawyers who handle social security disability claims at Land Parker Welch LLC propose to check the records of any attorney they plan on hiring. This is especially for employees who suffer from any work impairment because the consequences of these unfortunate accidents lead to great financial losses. The lawyer they hire must have a good record of winning similar cases as well as succeeding in ensuring the victim gets sufficient compensation to cover all financial losses and difficulties that happened due to the injuries.

Document Everything

Since work injuries force employers to pay a big amount of money to the victim, they usually try to prove that the accident is a result of your own mistake and not the work itself to reduce the money they have to pay. Some employers may even try to prove that the injured worker is faking the whole thing. To support your claim, ensure that you have your medical records documented, the reports that prove the reason you were wounded on the job, and the details of the incident.

Find the Right Doctor

Injured employees have the right to choose the doctor they want to go to for treatment and follow-up after suffering from any health issue that happened on the job or is a result of the work environment. Health issues can include acquiring any kind of disease that you were warned about in the contract or anything that you sign on the waiver to agree on the consequences you may face. When you understand the type of harm that happened to you during work hours, you can determine the specialization field you should be searching for and decide on the doctor you trust and feel comfortable around.

Keep a Professional Attitude

One of the most important points you should pay attention to is that you stay professional and never take advantage of the situation. An example of that is if you miss work without having a doctor’s report that proves that you need to rest or that you’re not fit to work yet. Being punctual and looking presentable have an excellent effect on ensuring you win the case.


Although work injuries are one of the most challenging situations any employee can face, you are entitled to be compensated with enough money to cover your medical bills and the salary you missed because of being unable to go to work. Another important thing to keep in mind is that in case the injury leads to losing your job or having difficulty finding another job, the employer is required to consider this in the compensation they will be paying you. This obviously does not make up for the damage that may result from the accident but is somehow a reassurance that your financial needs are guaranteed to be covered. Stay safe, but be prepared still.