A Guide to Choosing Your Own College Printer

When you’re about to start college, the list of equipment, clothes, and other stuff that you need might seem so long as to be unnecessary. But then, what would you cut? For many students, the little printer seems an easy thing to just…not buy. Don’t most college campuses have print facilities anyway? Sure, they do. Some students will be just fine managing on the university’s machines for their entire degree. However, it’s not for everyone.

Some universities don’t offer students 24-hour access to printing. Having your own printer means you can print any time you want to, and without incurring the standard per-page printing fees that most universities charge. If you’re on a degree that will require printing your own documents, you’ll probably want to buy your own. How do you decide which one to choose? hereon.biz has a selection of the best printers for students

Things to Consider When Choosing a College Printer

Of course, no printer has everlasting toner. If you’re printing hundreds of pages a semester, the cost of new cartridges can start to build up. Choosing a high-yield ink cartridge option, which prints more pages without needing to be changed, could be the right solution. These cartridges are often more expensive upfront but will save you money in the long run.

If you can’t find a printer with a high-yield option, another excellent way to print could be one with refillable ink tanks instead of cartridges. Again, the printer itself will cost a little more than average to buy, but they can include as much as two years of ink. That’s half the time most people are at college!

Minimizing Stress With a Little Technological Help

Running out of ink when you’re on a tight deadline is any student’s nightmare, but picking up a printer that’s Amazon Dash-enabled could make it a thing of the past! These printers have a super-easy refill and replacement system that, when you’re running low on ink, automatically orders new ink via Amazon and delivers it to your door!

Laser vs. Inkjet vs. Dot Matrix

There are three primary types of printer most college students will choose from – laser, inkjet, or a dot matrix.

The dot matrix printer is a little older, and the least suitable for a modern college student’s needs. They’re incredibly cheap to run but can struggle with paper jams and are prone to problems that aren’t always an easy fix. Sure, they’re retro, but that’s about all they have going for them these days.

Laser printers are fast, efficient, and excellent in printing clear black text, which most students use for essays, papers, and assignments. The ink they use is also much cheaper than inkjet cartridges, so they’re a tremendous cost-saving option if you’re not doing any image-heavy printing work.

For students taking subjects that require printing photos, or documents that contain a lot of images, an inkjet printer is probably the best bet. They’re easy to use, easy to maintain, and do a great job of printing crisp and bright photos. Some even print borderless!

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