A Few Expert Tips on How to Style a Pompadour

Today, the Pompadour is one of the most popular hairstyles among men. However, it was not always the case. Named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France, this style did not gain much traction among the male populace until the 1950s.

Before then, the Pompadour was a style donned by women in different variations. And that was the trend until the “ King of Rock and Roll” – Elvis Presley – basically owned the style. Being the fashion icon that he was, he shot the Pompadour’s popularity to an all-time high. And, to date, it has not gone out of style.

So, to help you successfully execute a Pompadour hairstyle, here are a few, useful tips to try:

1. Always Start With Clean, Damp Hair and Work in Your Pomade

The key to a successful Pomp is to start styling with clean and slightly damp hair. It makes it easier to work in your pomade. Taking a small amount of pomade, rub it into your palms to loosen it up. Gradually work the pomade into your hair and ensure that it is evenly distributed.

Pomades help you to sculpt your Pompadour to perfection. And, if you are unsure about which pomade to get, you can get some help from WiseBarber’s impressive best hair pomade review.

2. Create Volume in Your Pomp

Now, to bring out the beauty in your Pompadour hairstyle, add volume to it. That is very important as this hairstyle is characterized by a high-standing Pomp in the top-front part of your scalp.

Do not worry too much if you don’t have naturally full hair. You can use a wide-toothed comb or an afro pick to create an illusion of volume while styling your hair. Problem solved, right?

3. Make Sure You Have Sufficient Hair Length for this Style

Sorry, did I forget to mention that not everyone can pull off this style? Sure, you can whip out your good ol’ afro pick and create the illusion of volume. However, you cannot fake length. Generally, you need at least four inches of hair on the top-front part of your head to do justice to this iconic style.

The basic structure of this style is short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. You can also grow it out if you do not have the required length on top. Then, get a good barber to shape it up for the style; depending on your face shape and preferences.

4. Blow-dry Your Pomp in Place

A significant feature of the Pompadour is its ability to stay put. It is not a Pompadour if your hair is flying all over the place. Now, for some people getting their hair to stay in one place can be quite the feat.

If you’re one of them, add a hairdryer to your list of styling tools. While morphing your hair into the Pompadour style, you can use the hairdryer to go over it; especially, when dealing with a high-hold, wax styling pomade. That would help fix your hair in place and spread the pomade evenly. Try it and thank me later.


Elvis Presley mainly sported a clean-shaven look. However, you do not necessarily have to do that to rock the Pompadour style. With the right beard grooming tips, you can have a beard as classy and stylish as this style.

People say that experience is the best teacher. So, I hope you’ll learn from the tips above – as derived from other people’s experiences.