A Buyer’s Guide for Garage Heaters

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Winter is here! Working in the garage doesn’t have to stop when winter arrives. Home Fix Planet has the best garage heaters powered by electric or gas, depending on your choice. While a garage doesn’t necessarily have to be as warm and cozy as your house or bedroom, it’s essential that it’s of the right temperature to enhance great work. Additionally, it will go towards ensuring comfort for the workers, hence, good quality work is produced.

To those that especially love to use their garage to work on their car, be it maintenance or out of a hobby, a woodwork project or music rehearsals, the best garage heaters got your needs covered. Rather than working in a freezing cold garage, we offer a wide range of products that are affordable and effective. They are durable, easy to use, and portable. Also, they are built to withstand heating and are easy to mount.

Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of going into your garage because it’s freezing cold all the time? If the answer is yes, then you might also have been in the market looking at other heating options with little or no success. Most heaters tend to be overpriced, fixed, and quite challenging to use. As if that’s not enough, they also tend to break down almost as soon as they have been purchased.

We provide solutions based on your garage size and your garage’s need- what do you intend to work with or on? Also, one needs to be aware of venting or mounting options. While larger garages need more than one heater, other needs may not be so obvious for a client to discern. In considering the above, we have decided to make a buyer’s guide for clients to ease the process of shopping for a heater.

The following are the options to consider:

Gas vs. Electricity

The question of whether to go for gas or electricity depends on availability and one’s needs. When one is easily accessible to natural gas, it’s the better option for it can heat up to 5,000 square feet. On the downside, it requires ventilation. Electricity, on the other hand, means your heater will be affixed, hence, giving you more working space. However, it’s relatively expensive, and substantial uses may mean multiple heaters.


Depending on one’s budget, one can get any type of heater. Electric heaters are more expensive than gas heaters. Also, the amount one has will also determine the quality of heater one gets. A heater with extra features such as thermostat will have a high initial cost but low costs of operation.

Heat Range

Based on the floor area of one’s garage, one will choose the heating model that’s more adept to them. A small heat range will have fewer requirements and a lower operating cost than a large heating area.


In choosing the type of heater to buy, one should look at the safety features that come with each. For instance, gas-powered heaters will need to be installed at a place with ventilation.

Maintenance Needs

The idea when choosing a heating model for one’s garage is to get value for money. This means low input costs are giving optimized results. A gas-powered heater means regular gas refills while an electric heater has small added charges on your electricity bill.

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