A Dog Left Her Backyard and Almost Finished First on a Half-Marathon

We all love inspiring stories from the world of sport and we have an adorable one for you. First of all, the hero of this story is a dog. It started out as any other day for this adorable dog named Ludivine. Her master April Hamlin opened the door for her to go outside to “do her business”, but after some time, April noticed that Ludivine was gone. The beautiful  bloodhound left her backyard and went for a little walk. So the dog wandered a little bit and stumbled upon a bunch of people participating in the Elkmont, Alabama half-marathon. So she did what every other dog would do, she entered the race! She followed the other runners on this 13.1-mile long path all the way to the very end. From time to time, Ludivine would wander off the track, but she would quickly find her way back. She finished 7th after running for 1:32:56. Very impressive! This adorable dog even got a medal at the end of the race. Her human must be proud!

“Where are these people running?”


“Why is everybody looking at me?”


A tough competition.


“Wow, these humans are good!”


“But I’m better!”


“I can see the finish line!”


“Well, the 7th place isn’t that bad.”

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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