A Blazer For Every Occasion: When To Wear The Right One

Credit: Andrew Neel

Men need more blazers in their wardrobe. For some reason, they don’t get the love they deserve. The right blazer can tie your whole outfit together and elevate your style.

What else could work with jeans and a t-shirt to make it look like you have your fashion style on point and then take care of a more formal affair the very next day? Only a blazer can do that.

But, you do have to pick the right one for the right occasion and for the right look. Something too upscale with your jeans won’t look quite right. It would be like wearing a Rolex watch with a pair of sweatpants.

In this article, I will highlight some blazers and how they work best.

Knitted blazers

Knit blazers should be in every man’s wardrobe. They are probably the most versatile of any blazer a man would wear. The lack of shoulder padding makes it an ideal choice for something casual.

When paired with a t-shirt and jeans, it looks completely casual and non pretentious. Unbuttoned it is comfortable and gives you enough style to stand out without it being distracting. A knit blazer is much better than a jacket on a cool, crisp day. Have a few with different colors to be able to pair with your casual attire for the different seasons.

Have a pastel for spring and summer and a beige one for the fall and winter. Of course, navy blue is great any time of year when you want to go for the preppy look.

When you want to look a little more dressed up, a knit blazer will still work. You can add it to a button down oxford and some smart slacks for the office or a dinner party.

The navy blazer

Every man needs a navy blazer. I mentioned the knitted blazer in navy in the last segment, but this one should be different.

Go for one with shoulder pads and it should also look a little more tailored. This is the little black dress for men. It can be worn with jeans and t-shirt, but really stands out when paired with something a little more formal.

It works in the office or at a wedding when worn with slacks and a button down shirt and tie. For more casual events, some khakis and a simple shirt with your navy blazer is never a bad idea.

The other beautiful aspect is that it never goes out of style. As long as it is nicely tailored, it will have a place during any kind of fashion trend so you’ll never look out of place.

Linen blazer

Hot, humid summers and blazers don’t seem to go together well. Yet, sometimes you have to be dressed up. That’s when it is the right time for a linen blazer. Linen is very breathable and allows air to circulate around your body. You can stay much cooler with linen than with any other material for your blazer.

In the summer, it looks good in just about any scenario. In the winter, it may look out of place, however

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