8 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram For Nail Art Ideas

Do you go to your nail technician and ask them to chose the design for your nails? Or, do you remember telling them just to put something on your nails that they think you would like?

When they finish, you either like or dislike the design they have created, and if you don’t like it, you will most likely never return to the shop again.

Choosing the colors and design for your nails allows you to send a message to others about the type of person you are.

Some people are daring and have a different color or design on every nail, while others only want a dull pink and white set.

Nail techs and the people who are happy with their services are grateful for their Instagram follower growth just for posting pictures of their nails.

Want to get inspiration for your nails?

  1. Bold Red On Instagram

Red is a color that says you love the spotlight and lets others know who the real diva is.

Scrolling through Instagram for nails of this color can be endless because of its popularity.

First, you must know, there are multiple shades of red to choose from, and the color never goes out of style. Deciding on one that is electric versus one that has a dull matte topcoat depends on your style.

Did you know that it is most prevalent during Valentine’s Day and Christmas?

  1. Tropical Orange On Instagram

If you are planning to go on a beach vacation, then orange displays a tropical look. It shows that the person wearing the color is creative and loves the warmth that summer brings.

Nail techs are glad to choose colors for you, but the ones who do not want to remove and reapply polish will tell you to choose your own.

The nail photos found on Instagram are creations from the ideas of people who like to express themselves; Even for those who have a quiet side.

  1. Quiet With Pale Pink On Instagram

A color that you will see a lot of on Instagram is different shades of pink. Professionals with a career that limits them from expressing themselves usually ask for a soft or pale pink.

The color looks so natural because it is similar to the nail bed. Because of this feature, people refer to pale pink as a quite color, so you can bet on not seeing too many designs on this type of nail on Instagram accounts.

  1. Dark Side With Black On Instagram

Black is a color that let people you are a risk-taker, and that everybody needs to take a step back.

Never think the reason a person has on black nail polish is that they are depressed.

Black polish accessorizes with any attire and is the perfect background color for nail designs with bight colors.

  1. Shimmering Glitter On Instagram

Glitter speaks volumes. It allows the person wearing it to sparkle and shine without wearing jewelry with flashy diamonds.

The best part about these nails is it won’t make you file for bankruptcy.

The nail tech on Instagram will inform their followers to know that glitter polish is no extra charge. People do not get the polish on every finger; some chose to have only one nail on each hand to show off the bling.

  1. Nail Shapes On Instagram

When you utilize the explore tab on your Instagram page, you will find photos and videos of everything similar to your previous searches.

If you are always searching for specific nail colors, this will be in the explore tab, and you will see a variety of nail shapes.

You will find see oval, round, square, coffin, stilettos, almond, and squoval; yes, I said squoval nails.

Nail technicians are creative, but they want you to decide on the nails that you will be comfortable walking around with for the next two weeks.

Dip, Gel, Or Regular Polish

The polish you apply to nails will not last a lifetime, but there are some that last longer than others.

On Instagram, you will see that once the tech applies a form of polish, there is no way you can identify if the polish is regular, gel, or a dip because manicure is still fresh.

The regular polish will chip away after the first week because of frequent washing of hands.

Gel polish and dip are the latest trends that pass the test of lasting without any wear and tear for 2 to 3 weeks.

Painted Risk Takers On Instagram

Painted art on your natural nails shows the world that you are are risk-taker, and a person who is not afraid of change.

You can change the polish as often as you want, and those who display their nail art on Instagram aren’t afraid to show the world there.

Everyone is finding their colors and designs on Instagram, and you can take a screenshot of the ones you love.

Share your most-liked photo with the nail tech the next time they ask about your nail design.

Nails allow you to make your overall look complete. Decide on some ideas, mix them up, and head to your favorite nail shop and when u get your nails done, don’t forget to post it to get some Instagram likes.