7 Simple Drawing Ideas for Aspiring Artists & Painters

To begin, or not to begin?

That is the question that separates the art dreamer from the art beginner.

Whether you have been drawing for years or are just learning your first strokes, the life of a new artist is very exciting. There’s a whole new world of possibilities just waiting to be discovered, used, and expounded on! However, it is important that you don’t overtax your new skills with designs that are outside of your capacity. Simple shapes, familiar subjects, and low pressure technical pieces will encourage you to do your best while keeping you from becoming discouraged.

Here are some simple drawing ideas for new sketch artists and painters alike.

Materials Needed

When preparing to explore your art, be sure to purchase a complete set of multi surface paint pens as they’ll enable you to have a versatile approach to how, where, and when you fulfill your artistic feats.

A sketchbook is also great to have as a part of your creative process. Not only do sketchbooks help you keep track of ideas, outlines, and color patterns, but you can more easily create art on the go, then transpose your creations on your final painting surface later on. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Top 7 Drawings Ideas For Painters And Artists

No matter where you’re at in your art journey, challenge yourself to create something new with one of the seven ideas listed below.

1. Draw 3D Shapes

Perhaps the simplest form of art lies with bringing a three dimensional object to life. Map out some unique combinations of shapes and colors for easy reference. Once you have determined a style or shape, simply draw the image according to the outline created. Don’t be afraid to experiment! After all, you’re learning.

2. Draw From Life

Drawing or painting from life allows you to capture the beauty of a fleeting moment in a piece that lasts a lifetime. When you are ready to create, sit down in front of a landscape you feel you can draw. The sun setting over a beach, a tree in the middle of a field, or some flowers growing in the yard are all great subjects.

If you can’t be outside to draw or paint, take a photograph of the landscape in question. This will allow you to draw from life without battling rain, wind, or freezing temperatures. Map out a rough outline of the subject matter in your sketchbook to ensure you are capturing a vision of the piece. Be careful not to choose a landscape that is too difficult to draw!

3. Draw Your Pet

Cats and dogs and goldfish, oh my! Your pet is a great subject for simple art projects. Start by sketching or painting a rough outline of your pet’s face. Tracing from a photograph into a sketchbook is a great way to get started.

This technique allows you to get comfortable with color patterns and the general anatomy of your animal. As a side note, do not feel as though you need to have a deep understanding of anatomy before you get started. All the best artists start growing where they are planted, and learn new skills along the way!

4. Draw Your Family Members

You know your family better than anyone. Why not draw some simple and basic art that encapsulate their personalities? For this exercise, you won’t even need to draw your family accurately (or from life) if you don’t want to. Consider their favorite colors, pastimes, hobbies, and careers.

How can you create an abstract painting or sketch that encompasses all these things? By using a sketchbook, and by sketchbook we’re referring to an actual paper sketchbook, and not the famous software. Once you have your paper sketchbook, draw out a list of objects or subjects that your family member could be represented by – and of course, don’t forget to have fun!

5. Draw Some Simple Animals

If you want to move beyond your own pet, consider drawing animals with simple shapes. Lions, fish, rabbits, and deer are all easily recognizable creatures that possess easily replicable shapes including circles, rectangles, and triangles. If you really want to give yourself a stretch, trying painting or sketching with ‘vectors’ only. Now that’s dedication!

6. Draw Caricatures

If you want to stretch yourself even further (while having a laugh along the way), consider drawing a caricature of the people, pets, and family members you have already drawn. Let yourself explore new techniques and simple shapes while simultaneously putting a spin on all your previous projects. This takes some of the artist’s performance and perfectionism stress away, and lets you have fun with new ideas and creative surfaces that push your skills to new heights!

7. Draw Your Favorite Characters

Everyone has a favorite icon from movies, TV shows, or books. Why not bring them to life with a sketch or painting created by you? Try to choose a character you know well, such as a childhood favorite. Remember that anatomy is not the most important skill to implement at this point.

For all these drawing ideas, it is important to choose subjects that you will actually have fun creating. If you have an idea of something to create that falls outside of this list, don’t feel as though you can’t give it a try! The more you push yourself forward, the better your art will become. Now grab that sketchbook, get your paint, pencils and markers, and get to work!