7 Gift Ideas that Will Melt Any Dog Owner’s Heart

Are you struggling to get a gift for a friend or family member? Getting the right gift can often prove to be extremely difficult, especially if you don’t know that much about them. Does this person have a dog? If so, then you are in luck. Dog owners love their pets and will love anything to do with them as well.

Use this to your advantage if you are buying for someone like this. What should you get them that is related to their dog? Here are several gift ideas that will melt any dog owner’s heart.

1. Customized Dog Mugs

Tons of people like to start their morning with a coffee or tea. Dog owners are no exception to this. One of the best gifts that you can get them is a customized dog mug. The experts behind Gossby Personalized Dog Mugs say that these are fantastic gifts for any dog lover. Mugs have many practical uses, and now they can be constantly reminded of their dog while drinking their coffee.

As people know, life is always better with dogs. Why not get them a mug that can allow them to prove it to other people?

Depending on the company you choose to buy from, you can customize your mug in a variety of ways. Typically, there are preset pictures to choose from, however, you can choose the type of dog breed in the photo and also the gender of the person in the photo. From there, you can customize a message to be read out onto the mug. These messages are all extremely cute and will be appreciated by any dog owner.

This is a great way to capture a dog owner’s true feelings about their pet while also attaching a slogan that they will love. Morning coffee just got a whole lot better for a dog owner with a customized dog mug.

2. A Personalized Story

Another fantastic gift idea that is sure to win over any dog owner’s heart is a personalized storybook set. Some services create a hardcover book about the owner’s dog. The book will be personalized to include their name and will also include a bandana with their name on it along with an ornament that is hung on the tree.

This is another great gift for a dog owner as they are able to get a customized story just for them. The bandana is another great gift included with this that shows that you care about them and their dog. Getting a dog owner a personalized story is a great gift idea.

3. Cookie Cutters

If the dog owner you know likes to bake, you can look into either 3D printing a cookie-cutter based around their dog, or buying a cookie cutter for them that either contains a slogan about dogs or is a generic dog. Now they can bake and be constantly reminded of their pet while creating delicious cookies. The best way to go about this is by using a 3D printer as you can ensure that the gift is made perfectly for them. Check out cookie cutters if you want to get them a great out of the box idea.

4. A Pillow With Their Design

There are also customizable pillows out there that can put any image that you want onto it. If you can get a photo of their dog, send it to one of these companies and have a pillow ordered for them. They will now be able to cuddle with their dog, whether or not he is there. The size and shape of the pillow are totally up to you as well, as you can get them in the shape of their pet, or just a simple design on the pillow. These are sure to melt a dog owner’s heart.

5. An Engraved Pet Tag

Pet tags are an important thing to have for any pet owner. They often will have the necessary contact information in case the dog is lost, allowing people to get in contact with the owner. That will typically be on one side of the tag. On the other, you can engrave a great witty message that the dog owner is sure to love. If you aren’t sure of what you can write, take a look online and see what examples are out there. Find one that works for you and slap it onto an engraved dog tag.

6. A Framed Photo

One of the best gifts that you can give to a dog owner is a framed photo of their dog. How you want the photo to look is completely up to you. You can have the dog photoshopped onto a royal figure or you can take a simple photo of the owner and the dog. If you know the person you are getting the gift for really well, you will know what they will like the most. A great framed photo will keep the memory of their dog alive forever.

7. Dog Toys

A simple gift, but one that any dog owner will appreciate, especially if their dog loves it. Dogs constantly ruin and tear their toys to shreds. Finding a toy that the dog will love will be sure to put a smile on any owner’s face. If the toy is built to last, it will keep the dog entertained for weeks if not months. These dog toys can also be personalized to include the name of the owner on it as well. Dog owners will welcome any toys as a gift and will love the thought that you put into them.

These are all fantastic gift ideas that any dog owner will truly love. If you want to ensure the gift will be great and well-received, spend some time with them and their dog. Get an idea of what they truly love about their dog and get an idea of what the dog likes as well. The more that you can connect the gift and personalize it, the better the response will be. Start thinking of some great ideas to make the dog owner in your life extremely happy. What do you plan on getting them?