7 Autumn Home Decor Tips Worth Trying

Every season brings a whole other atmosphere to a home. Changes in seasons is often a fun excuse to spruce and freshen your home. Autumn is by far the best season for most. The temperatures get cooler, the sky greyer and the leaves turn colors in anticipation of things to come. When done right, the decor of a home should subtly reflect the current season. Transitioning your space from summer to autumn can however be a daunting experience. A lot of thought needs to be done to elevate your space to the next level. Autumn is all about adding warmth to a home using cosy textures and rich colors.

When decorating your space, some ideas put your DIY skills to test while others will require some professionalism. Regardless of your budget, there are some easy and affordable ways to decorate your home during this autumn as highlighted below;


Floral decor never goes out of style. It’s the easiest way to add a pop of nature to any room in a house. Incorporating natural flowers to both the interior and exterior of your home is a top trend for autumn home decor. The special thing about fall flowers is that they bring in warm and cheerful colors that offer elegant yet simple centrepiece ideas for a home. Nevertheless, in the absence of natural flowers, one could use floral wallpapers, shower curtains and throw pillows to make the space feel comfy.


Minimalism is a trend that is catching on when it comes to home decor. A homeowner looking for a contemporary and modern design table decor can use some plaid table runners to offer a dose of colors and stripes. It’s quite an easy design for your home as all you need to do is fill some bowls with seashells and add some scented candles in bright colors over the runners.


Paper lanterns have always been a home decor accessory when it comes to illuminating and drawing attention to a particular area such as the food table or even the drink bar. Dry flowers can be glued to the paper lanterns using some quality glue to add some flash to the lanterns.


Pumpkins and autumn go hand in hand. They are an iconic vegetable for the fall. Pumpkins are also very popular because of Halloween when most people display a pumpkin carved with a face on the. For your home decor, one can make a statement display by carving out the pumpkin shell in a galvanised bucket and filling it up with cotton stems and wheat sticks.


Baskets are everyday accessories that are useful in offering storage for unnecessary items in a space. Weaved zigzag baskets add a surprising amount of seasonal spirit to a home for the autumn. One can place a basket or two by the front door to hold sweaters, hats and scarves for visitors.


Palms leaves are an innovative way to add a warm atmosphere to a home. You can choose to have the actual plant or have some palm leaf-inspired cushions or a throw blanket.


Just because the temperature has gone down doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the fresh autumn air. Spruce up your balcony by adding a string of lights, plush blankets and fuzzy throw pillows to make your backyard more snug and homey.