6 Ways To Give Your House An Old And Antiquated Look

Transform Your House By Giving It A Special Character

When you watch a movie or series from the olden times, there is a beauty in the way the houses are decorated. The beautiful garden, the big closets, fireplaces, and so on bring so much character to the house. If you have moved into a new house and are looking at developing the charm and personality of an old one, remember that it will not happen overnight. However, by making small changes one at a time you will be able to incorporate the charm that older houses have.

Antique Items

It definitely starts here. When it comes to the meaning of vintage or antique look in your house, you can start it by actually acquiring smaller items that can reflect the past. This does not however mean adding an odd item that stands out from all the furniture but rather blending several pieces together. For example, you can cover blank walls with historic wallpapers. There are easy peel and stick options now available that make putting wallpapers up easy. Adding small items like vases and so on will bring in a more rustic look to your house.


When you are looking at achieving a layered and well-lived look, then you will need to be patient about getting your furniture. Buying it all in one afternoon at the department store will just not do. You will need to acquire pieces of furniture over a longer period of time and will need to visit craft fairs, online stores, antique stores, exhibitions, and other places. These places will be able to offer you unusual pieces of furniture that you can add to your home to get a timeless charm about it. One piece of advice to keep in mind is to look for a more mismatched design as that gives a very beautiful charm to your house.


This is one of the easiest and best ways to give your home an antiquated look. Some home colors can instantly help to date it back in time. For example, if you are looking at the 70’s period, a beautiful coat of olive green will give you just that. To be able to transport back to any period, adding the right color to the walls, can be just the right thing. You can choose from the Victorian times, colonial ones and so many more. You can also mix them up and create your own unique combination.


If you have some empty spaces, then you can add a built-in bookcase there. This will provide a practical place to store your books as well as help to utilize valuable space as storage. A built-in bookcase will give your home a stately and custom look and you can alter it a bit to match your preference. You can use darker wood to reflect a dignified old library or go for a more neutral tone to give it a rustic farmhouse kind of appearance.

Natural Materials

The more natural materials you use in the house, the more antiquated it will look. Surely, back in the days aluminum and acrylic were not common so you should definitely think of replacing those. For example, you can change your knobs in the kitchen and bathroom to glass ones which were quite popular in the 1900s’. For countertops and floors, you can opt for wood or stone to give a sturdier yet older appearance.


This will be an easy change to make. There are several types of lighting used throughout historical times. You can add more traditional lights here like chandeliers and candle lamps. There are newer versions available for such lights that look vintage but still have the efficiency of modern times.

Expensive Investments For Long Term

The above tips can help you to get a vintage look for your home but at the same time, if you plan to make a larger long-term investment in actually changing the aesthetics of the house, you can do so in several ways. This includes changing the ceiling and rooftops, replacing the doors and window frames, and even changing the way your garden looks. An outdoor kitchen with the right basics and a picnic area can give you the same sense of contentment as in the olden times when family picnics were more common.

Keep in mind, however, that giving your house vintage and rustic look should not be mistaken for adding old and broken items to it. So when you find that beautiful rug that fits well with the history of the past, make sure that it is not so worn out that it looks poorly. Rather, it should still have the elegance that speaks of its experience from the past.