6 Fun Facts On Bees And Why They Are Important

We’re all aware that bees, like many other species, play a vital role in the environmental balance, but the importance of bees to human existence is an alarming fact. Nearly 80% of our entire agricultural system will collapse if bees disappear. How is that possible? Most of the crops we grow and depend on as food supply globally depend on pollinators, which explains how important bees are to the world’s nutrition. Read through our article to find out 6 fun facts on bees and why they’re important.

1- Worker Bees

Worker bees are all females that are not capable of reproducing, and because they’re responsible for all the hard labor, their life span is only six weeks. The hive is their territory of control, and they do all the work, including feeding the queen, larvae, and drones.

2- Worker Bees Have Specific Baskets

Among the most important jobs of working bees is making honey that they feed to larvae and store during wintertime. Worker bees have special baskets in their back legs to carry the pollen and nectar to make the wax. If a worker bee stings any mammals, they die; on the other hand, they sting other insects and still manage to live to protect their hive.

3 – Honeybees

Honeybees feed on flowers and blossom fruits, and it’s sad to know that they’re among the most endangered species, especially in the UK. Beekeepers keep this species in artificial hives to protect it from extinction. According to the blog post, Identifying UK Bees uk, honeybees are at their pollination best when roaming freely. Honeybees are among the group of social bees, where other types, including bumblebees, mason bees, mining bees, and leafcutter bees, belong to.

4- How Fast Can A Bee Fly?

A honeybee can fly 15 miles per hour, and to make one pound of honey, it flies 90,000 miles, meaning it flies 3 times around the earth. Its wing stroke is up to 11000 per minute.

5- The Queen Bee

A queen bee lives around 2 to 3 years and lays an average of 1500 to 2500 eggs a day, and mates with almost 15 drones in a period of one to two days. After mating, the male bee’s reproductive organs are destroyed, and it dies instantly.

6- What Colors Does A Bee Love?

Bees love colors, so to stimulate bees into your garden, grow more colorful plants and flowers. Bees love blue color the most and flowers like rosemary and lavender. The flavor of the honey is determined by the type of flower a bee took its nectar from.


We don’t give much attention to How these little tiny insects are controlling the humans’ food chain. This sounds dreadful, but unfortunately true, it’s not only that, but bees contribute to the entire ecosystem since they’re held responsible for plants’ ability to reproduce through pollination. So, your little bees control the nutritious life of almost every living creature on our planet, animals, birds, other insects, as well as humans.  You don’t have to worry about bee stings; they will try to avoid stinging you because they die.