5 Ways To Use Canvas Prints To Display Your Custom Photos

A canvas print is a wonderful and stylish way to display your finest family pictures, favorite vacation photographs, or stunning custom photos that perfectly complement your style. They’re not only a fun way to display your photos, but they also serve as a beautiful décor for many occasions.

What is a canvas print?

A canvas print is created by printing a photo or image into a canvas and stretching it onto a frame. These prints replicate the appearance of genuine paintings on canvas. Additionally, there are two common types of canvas print: framed canvas prints and unframed canvas prints.

The framed canvas resembles a single-panel painting. However, this type of canvas has a third layer: a wooden frame that gives the appearance of floating art. A framed canvas print looks great in a more traditional space since it adds a nice touch of elegance.

On the other hand, as its name implies, unframed canvas prints are photos or artworks that aren’t mounted in a frame. Due to their frameless edges, this type of canvas print is more adaptable to any style.

Unframed canvas prints are also popular due to their clean, contemporary appearance. The minimalist aesthetic it imbibes works nicely with modern furniture and practically any kind of home design.

Why using canvas prints are best for displaying photos

Canvas art prints have a more artistic feel than conventional photo prints since they resemble oil and acrylic paintings. Its textured fabric surface also adds dimension to your printed photo. Moreover, canvas prints, even framed ones, usually come without glass covers, so it doesn’t reflect light because of the material it’s made of, which is typically cotton or polyester, or a blend of both. Canvas prints also often weigh less than other prints, so they don’t need to be nailed into the walls for stability.

Ideas for displaying photos using canvas prints

Using canvas print is a new way to display your picture. Not only does it replicate genuine painting on canvas, but you can also have it with frame or without. Try these ideas for displaying custom photographs in fresh and creative ways using canvas prints.

  1. Create a gallery wall

An excellent way to exhibit your collection of photos is through a gallery wall. Canvas prints are best for these since they are neutral enough to pair well with different kinds of wall art.

Pro tip: Instead of designing a gallery wall with just photographs, try including framed and unframed canvas prints, conventional framed photographs, mirrors, and other varying-size decorative items. This mixed-media approach can create a luxurious appearance and also provide texture to an otherwise austere space. (1)

  1. Hang square prints in a grid collage

Although little square canvas prints seem negligible, their cute size makes them ideal for assembling grid collages. A grid collage comprises tiny images that are evenly spaced out in a pattern, as opposed to a gallery of different-sized canvases.

To make a grid collage, you should place your photographs together according to a common color theme. Alternatively, you may apply a monochrome filter to blend your photographs visually. (1)

In addition to showing photos, these grids may also tell a narrative. If you want to showcase photos of a special day, such as a wedding, you may use a grid of multiple photos on canvas and arrange the photos to create a story.

  1. Place canvas prints on floating shelves

While floating shelves are ideal for storing little things, they look better when used to display photos on canvas print. Placing your canvas print on a floating shelf, together with a few other coordinating décor pieces, produces a stunning effect with little effort. Additionally, you can change the photos periodically without the hassle of damaging your wall.

Pro tip: Generally, floating shelves shouldn’t be utilized to store big or heavy things. They are more for exhibiting interesting pieces than for storing. That said, consider the weight of the photos you want to display. (2)

  1. Display life events photos using small prints

You may display significant life events neatly by choosing a few tiny canvas prints and hanging them all together. These occasions include weddings, vacations, birthdays, as well as holidays. Instead of having everything printed on one huge canvas, think about making smaller copies of each image.

  1. Use as a wedding ceremony décor

Photos on canvas prints are also a popular option for wedding ceremony displays. You can use an easel stand to display your photos at your venue’s entrance. Adding some fairy lights to the canvas print will also make it stand out. Aside from that, you can also use small canvas prints as a reception table centerpiece.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities for visually stunning photo displays are almost limitless when using canvas prints. Compared to traditional photo prints, canvas prints have a more artistic impression since they emulate oil and acrylic paintings. For this reason, it’s perfect for giving life to photo displays.



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