5 Unique Ideas to Include Ancient Pagan Rituals and Traditions in Your Modern Wedding

Even though some people are happy with a courthouse wedding, Most others want to do something unique and memorable. Introducing pagan rituals can be novel ways of introducing some tradition into your ceremony. You need not be religious to participate in these pagan rituals. There are lots of rituals and that may affect you directly or indirectly, you can always count on Bestofpsychicreader magazine.

But it is advisable to speak to a spiritual person to ensure that these rituals do not create any harmful influence on your married life. If you feel intrigued by the idea but are not sure what these rituals can mean in your life, you can always take a look at Mysticmag magazine.

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These are five common pagan rituals that people include in their modern weddings. We chose these rituals because they are simple to perform and yet look symbolic. Everyone feels comfortable participating in these customs and enjoys watching them.


Handfasting is a popular and well-known Celtic wedding custom that many couples love to include in their marriage ceremony. The ritual uses ropes or cords to tie the hands of the bride and groom together as a symbolic gesture of tying them in matrimony. You can buy handfasting cords from a store, or you can make your own.

Even though traditionally handfasting cords are supposed to be white, but you can choose any color and material that you want. White cords with jewel tassels are one of the most popular handfasting cords used by brides and grooms. If you are religious, you can have them blessed before the wedding using a simple ritual.

If your officiant is not willing to participate in this pagan ritual, you can ask your friends or family members to do it at any point during the ceremony. But we feel it is best if you do this after you have exchanged the rings, or you may find it a bit difficult to put the ring on your partner with your hands tied.

Sacred Circle

You and your partner can stand inside a sacred circle during the wedding ceremony. You can use candles, flower petals, or other decorative material to draw the circle. You can ask your officiant to bless the area within the circle, or you can ask your spirit guides, angels, and forefathers to bless it.

Some couples choose to ask the blessings of departed family members, who they wish were present at the wedding. The sacred circle ritual is particularly suited for weddings in outdoor settings where there are no restrictions to draw it.

You can also place other elements within the circle, such as an altar, rings, flower arrangements, or fruit baskets. You can also invite the guests to place something within the circle as a blessing to you and your partner.

Unique Vows

Some couples choose to say unique vows from ancient traditions and languages. You can also ask your officiant to include a unique ceremony for you and your partner. Some couples choose excerpts from old stories or poems and incorporate them in their vows. Others may say their vows in old and forgotten languages reciting pagan incantations.

Maypole Dance

The Maypole dance is another popular ritual of European origins. It is a springtime ritual that can be a great way to start the reception. You have to erect a 6 to 8 feet pole on the ground with almost equally long ribbons fixed to the top. Participants hold the dangling end of the ribbons and wrap them on the pole while dancing around it.

The ribbon-wrapped pole is then planted in the newly wedded couple’s home. The Maypole dance can be a great alternative to the first dance at a reception where bridesmaids and groomsmen can also join.

Some people put the ribbons on existing trees in the couple’s garden if the reception is at their house. You should ideally choose traditional upbeat music for this ritual.

Ring Warming

The ring warming custom is said to have originated in Ireland or Scotland. According to the ritual, the wedding rings are passed around by the guests while the ceremony is ongoing.

Each guest is supposed to hold the ring briefly in their hands and say a short prayer in their mind before passing it on to the next person. Once all the guests have held the rings in their hands, they are returned to the bride and groom, imbibed with positive energy for a long and happy married life.

If you want to include any of these pagan rituals in your wedding, make sure that you and your guests respect these traditions. There are many other ways to include pagan rituals in your wedding, but make sure they are elegant and acceptable to all. These rituals can be the perfect way to add a touch of old traditions to a modern wedding.