5 Tips For Planning A Grandiose Wedding You’ll Never Forget

For some people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. If money wasn’t an issue, who wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on it just to make it as grandiose as possible? You may have waited all your life for this important milestone and now you’re planning for it, might as well give it your best shot and work with your significant other to perfectly execute your dream wedding.

Planning For A Grandiose Wedding

If you’ve already set the date, next comes the most cumbersome process—the planning. The best weddings don’t happen in a snap of a finger. They require extensive planning, thorough decision-making, and also, the right budget to pay for everything. But since you’re hoping for a grandiose occasion, that should mean you’ve saved a lot of money for it. The only challenge now is how to spend the money in a way everything falls into the right place as far as your wedding is concerned.

Here are some tips you can use as a guide as you plan your exquisite and grand wedding celebration:

  • Get The Grandest Rings

You can’t really say a wedding is grand if your rings are of the simplest and plainest design. If you’ve started the journey with oval engagement rings as a couple, it’ll best to go ahead and make sure your wedding rings will also be as grand. Good thing there’s huge selection of splendid wedding rings to choose from and for the right price. You’ll surely find one that’ll catch your delicate taste.

If you chose the solitaire diamond ring to seal the deal, it’s just equally right to pick the same gemstone for your matrimonial rings. You can go for a 1 carat diamond ring with an ideal cut and almost colorless hue. The ring would look even more sparkly and grand if you’re to wear it together with the diamond engagement ring you got during the proposal.

  • Hire The Best Wedding Organizer

Don’t stress yourself out with unnecessary details of planning a wedding. Hire the best wedding organizer to make sure your grand celebration will be as flawless as possible. All you have to do is meet with the organizer from time to time if they need to get your input or final decision about something.

Although the planner is already doing all the work for you, don’t forget to still work closely with them to make sure everything is going according to plan. Ask for daily updates and let them know you’re always monitoring their progress.


  • Choose A Luxurious Venue

As you’re aiming for a grandiose wedding, your venue needs to be exceptionally luxurious. Choose a wedding venue that can offer luxury and style while also having the capacity to accommodate your guests no matter how large they are. To have better options for a venue, don’t set your eyes on just a particular place. Instead, scout for luxurious venues regardless of their proximity to your area. Once you have a list, you can start narrowing down your choices until you get to pick a final option as a couple.

  • Pick A Selection Of Flowers

Most grand weddings make use of thousands of fresh flowers to make the event more extravagant. The different colors and fresh scent of flowers can give a lasting impression to your guests. Aside from your bridal bouquet, you also need to specify the kinds of flowers you want for the church, the reception, and your entourage.

Some of the most expensive flowers to include in your list are peonies, lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, gardenia, and Casablanca lilies. You can fill the reception with splendid floral arrangements that match your wedding theme or motif. You can also opt for tall candles and other grand centerpieces to go with the beautiful flowers on tabletops.

  • Don’t Forget About The Little Details

Some couples tend to oversee the smallest details about their wedding. If you want a perfectly upscale wedding, you need to keep an eye on even the smallest details that could ruin the overall impact of your event. Aside from booking the finest group of photographers and videographers, you also need to choose your invitation layout, caterer, sound and music supplier, wedding singers, wedding cake, and of course, the wedding dress. Shop for luxurious accessories you can use to complement your wedding dress such as crystals or freshwater pearls.


A grandiose wedding is absolutely achievable if you take the time and effort to plan for it. Make sure you hire the most competent professionals to do other major tasks for you. Still, don’t let them do all the planning and decision-making by themselves. Involve yourself and your partner every step of the way to ensure that you’ll have nothing but the most memorable and extravagant wedding of your life.