5 Tips for Grooming A Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is one of the most beloved designer dogs in the world. The Goldendoodle is a model dog that is a crossbreed of two distinct breeds: the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle. Often they are known for being easy going, friendly, and trustworthy. Goldendoodles inherit Poodle genetics which means that oftentimes their coat doesn’t shed fur. Since Goldendoodles have a nonshedding and hypoallergenic coat, you will have to groom this dog breed.

While designer breeds are wonderful dogs to raise, they do come with high maintenance care unlike other dogs who shed fur. You may have hundreds of questions about how to raise a Goldendoodle, from grooming to temperament to housetraining. With thorough experience of raising a Goldendoodle, we will help give you basic tips for grooming.


  • Determine your Goldendoodles Coat Type

The amount of grooming required for a Goldendoodle highly depends on the type of coat that it has. One of three styles of coats Goldendoodles can have: wavy, curly, or smooth. Smooth fur needs the minimum amount of grooming, but oftentimes sheds hair.

On the other hand, a curly coat is the most demanding type of coat that needs regular brushing to prevent matting. The tight ringlets of fur, which cover the pup’s body risk being matted without frequent brushing.

It falls somewhere between simple and difficult to maintain a wavy Goldendoodle coat. Wavy coats are the most common type of Goldendoodle coat and need to be brushed regularly. In addition, every 6 to 12 weeks, it’s not unusual for Goldendoodle owners to have the fur of their pups professionally trimmed. Shorter coats get less mats and tangles.


  • Washing Your Dog

Goldendoodles require washing in addition to daily brushing. However, you shouldn’t bath your Goldendoodle too often or it will dry out their skin. Ideally, just bathe your dog once a month or after a messy day in the park. If you over-bath your dog, you run the risk washing out the essential oils that contribute to the safety of its skin.


  • Trimming Dog Nails

Goldendoodles are very healthy dogs, but their nails grow fast and you will have to cut them frequently. Every month you should observe the nail length of your pup to make sure they are on a good level. If your Goldendoodles nails are too long, you should either cut them or grind them down. Overgrown dog nails can hurt if you Goldendoodle walks on people. In addition, if your dog’s nails are severely overgrown they can crack and hurt your Goldendoodle.


  • Clean your Goldendoodle’s Ears

You should clear your furry friend’s ears regularly to prevent ear mites and ear infections. Goldendoodles are at extremely high risk of developing ear infections due to their long-haired coats. Cleaning your puppy’s ears with a cotton ball and a prescribed cleaning solution will help to avoid infections. Make sure that you clean underneath their hair and inside their ear canal.


  • Train your Goldendoodle to be Groomed

As with every dog, it takes determination, patience, and encouragement to train your Goldendoodle to enjoy grooming. Having said that, Goldendoodles are friendly to humans and are also highly intelligent. They are easy to train as a result and perfect dogs for first-time pet owners. One good tip is to lay out all your Goldendoodle grooming tools and let your dog get used to seeing and smelling them.


However, no dog liked to be brushed on a regular basis especially if they have lots of mats or knots in their fur. Make sure that you have lots of treats to give your dog to reward them when it’s time to brush them. We recommend having bones or other chew toys for your dog. In addition, make sure that you get your Goldendoodle into the habit of grooming. Dogs like doing the same everyday tasks at the same time everyday to get into a routine.


Conclusion for Tips for Grooming A Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are a unique dog breed because they are mostly hypoallergenic and nonshedding. However, this means that they regularly have to be groomed in the form of brushing, haircuts, bathing, and nail clipping. This is a long and tedious process, and most pet owners typically use a professional groomer. However, since Covid-19 it’s been difficult to actually see a dog grooming. Thus, we created some tips when you have to groom your Goldendoodle at home.

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