5 Essential Tips for Passing Microsoft 70-740 Exam

5 Essential Tips for Passing Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Microsoft 70-740 is a perfect exam for IT professionals to prove their Windows Server 2016 skills. Microsoft also developed other two exams (70-742 & 70-740) to award the IT specialists with the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential. Upon getting certified, the certificate confirms that an IT professional has the ability to deliver more business value solutions and reduce the cost of IT installations in business environments.

Skills Measured in the Microsoft 70-740 exam

The Microsoft 70-740 exam measures the professional ability to perform the technical tasks highlighted in the official test objectives. The skills measured in this exam (70-740) are based on the following distinct topics:

  • Domain Name System (DNS) implementation
  • IPAM and DHCP implementation
  • Implementing Remote Access Solutions and Network Connectivity
  • Implementing Distributed and Core Network Solutions
  • Implementation of an Advanced Network Infrastructure

In order to learn the above themes, you need to use the best resources. Microsoft exams measure the practical abilities that allow the professionals fulfil the tasks in the real world. The essential tips that we are going to share will not only help in passing the Microsoft 70-740 exam but also in delivering long-lasting solutions in organizations.


  1. Print Out 70-740 Exam Objectives

The perfect 70-740 exam objective list is available at Microsoft’s Training Website. One mistake that many of the candidates make is that they read randomly and shallowly. Your reading should always adhere to the exam objectives because all questions of the 70-740 test are exclusively set based on what Microsoft has mandated the candidates to learn. Exam objectives will also help you identify the key areas where you should lay emphasis on.

  1. Get Your Own Lab

As it was mentioned before, the Microsoft 70-740 exam is focused on practical skills. You must set a test lab where you can run all the practical concepts that you will be tested on. Fortunately, the trial versions of Microsoft software include all the necessary features, but they are time-limited. Therefore, you can install your software and get the hands-on skills that will enable you to be well-conversant with the Windows Server 2016 environment. Remember that the best way to learn is practicing.

  1. Perform the Labs Based on the Instructors’ Guidance

Practice the labs based on the instructor-led video training or books you have bought. Some of the concepts in Windows Server 2016 needs accuracy because the Server will always run based on how you have implemented it. Let’s face it: it is one thing to go through the motions of implementing DHCP and IPAM on a Windows environment, but it will not mean anything until you take your time and make everything by yourself. If you are thinking of where to get the best video courses, then Prepaway is at your rescue all the time.

  1. Commit the Knowledge to Your Memory

This is the most important part because the examiners always check the knowledge that you managed to retain in your memory after reading the multiple resources. This is simple if you commit yourself to the 3 steps mentioned below:

  1. Use the exam objectives document you had printed earlier and write down everything you know from the first objective to the last. This will help you know whether you have covered all the test objectives.
  2. If you note that there are some parts you do not understand much, do not panic about it.
  3. Make a list of all the things you did not know and go back to the training material. Do a lot of research and you will get everything right!
  4. Use the Sample Questions from Prepaway

Prepaway is a globally approved provider for updated sample questions that give a similar experience as practicing for the actual Microsoft 70-740 exam. With Prepaway sample questions, you will always gauge your readiness for the test because they leave no topic unturned. Additionally, you will be able to identify the exam topics that are hugely tested. As a result, you can give more time to the topics that you have identified to take a large percentage in the actual 70-740 exam


Why Prepaway is a Good Platform for Top Web Resources

Prepaway is a great way when it comes to illuminating prep materials. If candidates prepare for the Microsoft 70-740 exam using Prepaway, then you will pass with flying colors for sure! There are a number of reasons why it is recommended as a perfect platform:

  • Instant downloads of prep materials allow you to start your preparation immediately after you complete your purchase.
  • The success rate is extremely high. Prepaway almost guarantees good result. You can also get a refund suppose you fail your exam.
  • Taking into consideration any change in the actual 70-740 exam, Prepaway always updates the information to enhance the validity of the prep materials.
  • The purchase process is always secure. Your personal information will never be shared.
  • Finally, using the video course and sample questions from Prepaway is a good choice for busy specialists.
  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-740.aspx


It is a brilliant idea to get certified in the area of your expertise. Certifications build a long-lasting foundation that will always put you on point in your career. Get prepared with Prepaway prep materials and you will be certified for sure!

5 Essential Tips for Passing Microsoft 70 740 Exam

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