5 Effective Tips in Capturing Maternity Photographs

Nowadays, mamas want to keep the memory of the whole pregnancy process, they’ve been through (obviously the good parts of them only). Each mama’s way of documenting these times are slightly different. However, what has been a popular way of keeping pregnancy memories is with a professional maternity photoshoot. While some mothers avoid showing themselves when they’re not in their usual shape during pregnancy or when they aren’t feeling really photogenic for a professional shoot, we say throw that all behind! A maternity photoshoot is all about capturing the real memory, basically the real stuff! Read on to know the 5 most effective tips in capturing maternity photographs!

1. Mamas Need To Feel Comfortable

The most important aspect in having a maternity photoshoot is having the ones being shot comfortably! Well, the mama mostly because the dad has nothing to be uncomfortable about. Considering the pregnancy time is crucial in pregnancy shoots, the usual would be around 25 week pregnant. At this point, the bump is in good shape but also not too uncomfortable for the mama! However, it does differ from a mom to another, so make sure you know what comforts you best and how you would want your bump to look at the pictures.

2. Themes!
Consider adding themes to the photoshoot, tell a story through the lens. It’s not just about the bump; expressing excitement, laughter and preparation to this big milestone is a great memory to have forever. Using props and creating a theme for the photoshoot can boost up the quality. Here are a few ideas for props:

* Body paint or ribbons

* Play around with the outfit: you can take it extreme and wear specially-made costumes that represent something special

*Baby scans

3. Posing & Angles
Always remember that the center of attention is always the bump. So all pictures should at least show a part of it if not all of it. The best way to draw attention is to have mama’s hands on the bump to give it more concentration and shape. The way the photo itself is taken can be done through very creative ways. A recommended angle when taking photos is shoot from above. Standing on a chair and taking the shot from above minimizes parts of the body and creates more concentration on the baby bump.

4. Don’t Forget the Daddy

Creating a more emotional feeling rather than just concentrating on the mom is important too. Adding the father shows the relationship feeling in the picture and it’s definitely a lot cuter! Giving the mother a sense of comfortability by showing her that it’s not about just photographing her belly puts the mama at ease. Giving her the sense of understanding that it’s about a great family milestone done together is important for her overall comfort during the photo session.

5. Location

Know where the best pictures can be taken is known through the family’s taste, the weather and the availability of other locations besides home. Home is a great starting point, but it doesn’t have to be at home. Having an outdoor photoshoot is great for natural backdrops and unique pregnancy portraits. Home photoshoots are good for natural, relaxed shots that don’t need much effort. It all goes down to the family’s taste and choice!

A Unique Journey for Every Mama
These photographs will be one of the greatest memories to live forever in a family. It’s important for both sides, the family and the photographer, to make the most out of it. It isn’t really comfortable for the mama to have long hours of staying still and trying to look pretty in a time of 9-month discomfort, but it’s important to show mothers that the details and emotions stay the same and show in pictures no matter what. Getting the best photo session can be done through these crucial tips, but never forget to have fun through the whole process!

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