5 Awesome Honeymoon Destinations

Arguably the best part of a wedding is the honeymoon. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to choose what to do. If you and your significant other love to travel, you should travel for your honeymoon. This is the best time of your life to travel the world with your loved one and experience life together. By going to a new country on your honeymoon, both you and your loved one will create long-lasting memories that you will cherish for years to come.


Known for its luxurious beaches and honeymoon packages, the Caribbean is a popular honeymoon destination. You can easily book cruise packages for two and take trips around the islands. This is perfect for the couple that enjoys doing things slightly different from their norm. In the Caribbean, you can relax, soak up the sun, and continue to speak English. You and your loved will can easily sink into married bliss in the Caribbean.


Another destination known for its beaches is Greece. While many people may not first consider Greece a romantic destination it is extremely romantic. With delicious Mediterranean food and spectacular views around every corner, Greece is the perfect spot for newlyweds. Traveling around Greece offers newlyweds similar customs to home, with a distinctly Grecian flair. Since tourists are frequent, you will still be able to get around and find things to do with relative ease. However, unless you or your loved one speaks Greek you will be forced outside of your comfort zone when interacting with others. Emerging yourself in a new language can be both terrifying and exciting. Regardless of the experience itself, you are both sure to create exciting memories.


If you and your spouse enjoy a little more adventure in your life, Brazil is the destination for you. Not well known for its honeymoon potential, Brazil is the ideal place to get off the beaten trail and do something different. While there are plenty of resorts that plan out activities and meals for newlyweds, most couples enjoy going off-script. Small ocean towns are the best places to explore and meet new people. Even if you don’t speak the language, Brazilians are wonderfully welcoming people. See if they can show you some local food dishes or even take you to a local spot. There you can create an experience that is truly your own, individual experience. No other couple will have the same honeymoon as you.


For couples who love the nightlife and new, exciting things, you should travel to Japan. Although surrounded by water, you may want to stay on land when honeymooning here. Not only can you visit Tokyo, one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, but you can experience world-class food and accommodations throughout the country. Another immersion into a different culture and language Japan is one of the easiest places to feel right at home. Japanese people are welcoming to westerners and love to show visitors around. Karaoke is a great way to meet new people or a great way to have alone time with your spouse. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of nightlife, but also enjoy nature, Japan is still perfect. Filled with forests, mountains, and lush gardens, Japanese people practice the art of shinrin-yoku. Immerse yourself in the forest and nature and allow yourself to relax in the open air after a night on the town.

New Zealand

Perhaps the most uncommon destination on this list is New Zealand. However, it is the best location if you love nature, local customs, and spectacular views. Just northeast of Australia, New Zealand is known for having unique animals and even more unique locals. New Zealand is a land of green hills, rocky outcrops, and lush forests. Locals here enjoy the space and tranquility provided by the land. If you and your loved one enjoy food, New Zealand is home to several Michelin star restaurants. In addition, “The Lord of the Ring” films were taped in New Zealand and tours of the shire are allowed.


There is a destination for every newlywed. All you have to decide is what kind of adventure you want to have and go for it.