4 Ways to Show off Your Photography Around the Home

As digital SLR cameras become more affordable and easier to use, photography as a hobby has become much more accessible and affordable to more people. It’s a fun way of getting out of the house, into nature and giving you chance to exercise your creative outlet. Taking photographs is only half of the fun though! If you’re an amateur or even professional photographer looking to showcase some of the great photographs you’re taking, you might have wondered about some clever ways to do so. We’ve come up with a few for you.

Buy a Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames offer a simple concept. They look like a standing or mounted photo frame but instead of displaying a single image forever, they use a digital display to create a slideshow from a bunch of photos. You might use a digital photo frame in the home to cycle through photos of family or your last holiday, or you might incorporate ever-changing fine art photography into the home. Digital photo frames are a relatively cheap and effective way of adding images to your home – or showing off your own photography!

Make an Instant Camera Board

This one needs an instant camera, but it can be very visually appealing. Making use of a cork board and some tacks, or another type of board and some Blu Tack, you can display your instant photos in a fun and retro way. This kind of display is perfect for photos of friends and family that are light-hearted and upbeat. You’ll find the instant camera board fits right in at home in your teenager’s bedroom.

Get Them Printed on Canvas

One of the more classic ways to use your own photography around the home is to have canvas prints made of them. This is a cost-effective way of turning any photo – whether it’s a family portrait of a more artistic shot – into a piece of wall art. They’re customisable in size and style, so you’ll undoubtedly be able to fit a canvas print of your photography into your interior design.

Get a Coffee Table Book Made

If you have a good number of photographs you want to display, a classy and elegant way of doing so is to get a coffee table photobook made. They’re not nearly as expensive as you think they’d be to create, and they make a great piece on the living room coffee table that guests can flip through to get a taste of your photography. The coffee table book can also be a wonderful way to create a lasting memory of a family holiday or special event too.

With such a wide array of options available to the home photographer, you have no excuse not to incorporate some of your shots into your home décor. These days, even phone cameras are good enough to offer a camera you’ll almost always have on you to capture memories for that digital photo frame or coffee table book. What are you waiting for?