4 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Essentially, weddings are a celebration of love between you and your partner. Families and close friends gather into this spectacle to witness the shaping of your future as a married couple. Since a wedding is an event that’ll store many happy memories, it’s only fitting every couple wants their wedding to be as memorable as possible.

Making Your Wedding Unforgettable

The wedding industry has always evolved, and there are now many ideas on how to make one’s wedding stand out such as having a rustic theme, clever flower basket designs, and even fun ways of serving attendees drinks and food. This makes it difficult to think of an idea on how to make one’s wedding memorable.

Thankfully, with these ways, not only will attendees have a wonderful time, but everyone will surely be in awe, which encourages happy memories for years to come. 

  1. Have The Essentials Photographed

According to local wedding photographer Liam Crotty, hiring a reputable photographer in your area is one sure way to make your wedding memorable. Besides, what better way to remember your wedding than stunning and captivating pictures. Hence, months before the big day, you should already have a trusted photographer since you’ll meet a couple of times to discuss what and how you want to get photographed.

Your wedding photographer probably already knows this, but it’s important not to forget the basics of wedding photography, including a picture of the bride walking down the aisle, the flower girl sprinkling petals with an adorable smile, the first kiss, and more. These moments are considered basic since they’re amazing to see and it’ll bring a tear down your eye every time you look at the picture.

In addition to the basics, you should also prepare a list of arbitrary essentials you want to get photographed. Perhaps you may opt for courthouse wedding photography or have the church’s facade serve as the backdrop. You can also photograph the shoes, details of the gown, rings, and more. Essentially, talk with your photographer about what you want your wedding album to look like.

  1. Different Processional Music

To make your wedding memorable, you can decide to stray away from cliché traditional music. Instead, trade this expected processional song for a ballad or something resonating with you and the love of your life.

Even if a traditional wedding song imbues the feeling of eternal love, choosing a different wedding song that’s meaningful for both of you, whether it’s classical or not, will still allow your guests to feel connected. This is because a piece of heartwarming music always does its job in setting the mood of the ceremony. Also, having something non-traditional will always jog everyone’s memory, allowing them to recall your wedding.

  1. Useful Wedding Favors

There are plenty of items and memorabilia that’ll serve as a wedding favor. However, unless they’re both clever and meaningful, most of the time they’ll end up forgotten and never to be used again, which makes handing wedding favors a waste of time and money. Hence, one of the ways to make your wedding memorable is to hand out useful wedding favors.

To have a memorable wedding favor, you want the recipient to use it regularly because as they use the item, they’re going to recall the wonderful and fun occasion, which is your wedding. Not only will they get to reminisce the fun they had, but they’ll also remember love and friendship.

To help you out, here are some ideas on memorable wedding favors you can hand out to guests:

  • Personalized face masks
  • Customized hand sanitizer bottles
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Garden seeds
  • Handmade soaps
  • Personalized blankets


  1. Fun Games

Even if you have a unique wedding theme or even a gorgeous wedding dress to make your wedding even more memorable, everyone may consider your wedding dull if they get bored. To avoid this, instead of the usual practice of greeting everyone by the table, lighten the mood up by having fun games during your wedding!

You can talk with the host or your wedding planner to come up with fun games. Since a wedding should be centered around the couple, it’s best if the games are related to their journey. For example, the host would ask everyone questions about your relationship such as ‘Who said I love you first?’ To answer, they’ll then raise a card with your corresponding names. By doing so, in addition to having a fun night, your guests would also get to know more about your relationship!


Since weddings are unique, there are still plenty of ways to make your wedding memorable. Still, never forget it’s not about showing off the grandest gown or having a jaw-dropping entrance. Instead, to make it memorable, both you and your partner should show everyone you’re ready to share a future with the love of your life.