4 Trends You May Have Missed About Camping This Season

4 Trends You May Have Missed About Camping This Season

Growing Camping Trends in the Age of Social Distancing

One of the best ways to practice social distancing is camping. Why not get out from under mandatory, Doctor Fauci house arrest and get some fresh air, by staying overnight at a national park or simply enjoy a weekend stay with family and friends at your favorite campground in the great outdoors. Camping trends come and go throughout the year, here are four 2021 camping trends you may have missed:

One: Glamping

One of the most popular camping trends today is luxury camping, which is also known as glamping, by the cool kids. Glamping has become the preferred choice of camping for many people. The Macmillan Dictionary defines glamping as Glamping (noun) an abbreviation of ‘glamorous camping’; glamping involves all the luxuries of home. ‘Glampers’ stay in yurts, tipis, or luxury caravans, instead of basic tents. Glamping is also known among trendsetters as luxury boutique camping, glam camping, luxurious camping, posh camping, and luxe camping. The art of glamping can be enjoyed in several ways depending on the person. For those campers who want to be close to nature with upgraded comfort, luxury tents are the way to go.

If sleeping on the ground is not your thing then you may prefer to enjoy a roof top tent or the many extra amenities that can be found in a recreational vehicle when glamping. There has been a steady increase in glamping over the last few years because people want to enjoy the outdoors in style and with an added bit of luxury. Look for options available to customers to increase as the luxury camping trend continues to grow in popularity.

Two: Music and Art Festival Camping

Today, younger people are using camping as a way to spend quality time with their family and friends. Music and art festivals have merged and evolved into multifaceted events that give people from all walks of life the opportunity to camp onsite and enjoy the surrounding outdoor space even when the musical acts have left the stage. Nowadays, most music and art festivals last several days, thus making them much more than a celebration of live music and art. Nowadays, most music and art festivals offer campgrounds with utilities, bathrooms, and electrical hook-ups as well as specific areas for recreational vehicles.

Guests can choose to bundle the purchase of a music and art festival ticket with general admission camping, exclusive “VIP” camp spots, RV spots, tiny homes, cabins, and other festival packages. Tents can also be rented while at the festival for those without shelter. Music and Art festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella, and Reading & Leeds Festival are planning to safely re-open their campsites for music lovers soon. A few other music and art festivals to look out for shortly include The Great Atlantic Campout in Dover, Delaware, and the annual Electric Forest Festival held in Rothbury, Michigan.

These festivals give folks the chance to gather with their friends and family to make an entire vacation out of the unique open-air experience. Due to the travel restrictions and cancellations of music and art festivals in 2020, travel guides expect to see a sharp increase in the number of festival attendees in the future.

Three: Local Camping

Nowadays, more campers are choosing to stay domestically and travel smaller distances, rather than traveling out of state. The staycation adventure trend of local camping enables folks to rediscover the beauty of their local communities. Rather than traveling outside of the country, campers are choosing to visit national parks at home which offer a rich camping experience with beautiful scenery without having to board an airplane. As holidays abroad continue to look unreliable due to the pandemic, expect to see the local camping trend continue to rise in 2021.

Four: Eco-Friendly Accessories

A steadily increasing camping trend has been the adoption of environmentally conscious accessories. Modern campers have become increasingly eco-friendly to help conserve the environment. Campers no longer overpack their bags with products that are harmful to the environment.

4 Trends You May Have Missed About Camping This Season

Aside from the awesome music lineups and contemporary artwork the camping aspect has become the biggest draw for music and art festivals all over the world. Glamping meanwhile gives people time to be closer to nature without having to suffer. Some local hotels offer glamping areas for guests to feel the surroundings of nature while being close to luxury services at the resort. Finally, campers are making a concerted effort to help preserve our planet.

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