4 Tips for Firmer Skin

Dull, sagging skin is not uncommon, especially as we age. However, there are ways you can fight gravity and get firmer, plumper skin. If you are ready to tone up your skin, we are here to help!

Choosing the right products and treating your body kindly are the keys to reinvigorating a lackluster complexion. With the following four tips, your face will look and feel healthier, and this may even give you a confidence boost:

1. Focus on Your Pores

When the pores on your face are clogged your skin can look tired. Fine lines and wrinkles can be exaggerated, and you may even experience blackheads. When you focus on your pores and use the right products, you can improve the appearance of your skin while increasing firmness and elasticity.

The best toner to reduce the size of pores will both exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of large pores. For example, try the Redefine Pore Minimizing Toner from Rodan + Fields. It gently washes away the dead cells and tightens the pores. This product gets the skin ready for the next step as it targets fine lines and a sagging complexion. You can use this toner morning and night, and we recommend complementing it with a weekly face mask.

2. Be Kind to Your Body

When you eat fresh, healthy foods and choose water over sugary drinks your skin will thank you for it. Combined with regular exercise, a healthy diet can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin. As blood and oxygen circulate their way toward the skin’s surface when you workout, you will be left with a youthful glow.

Say yes to more sleep, and try to reduce your alcohol intake. If you find water a boring choice, infuse with fresh lemon, mint, and cucumber for a refreshing alternative.

3. Book a Facial

Your skin specialist will be able to perform targeted treatments to support your at-home skincare routine. Facials can be especially effective as massage stimulates the blood, creating a firmer appearance. Other treatments might include laser resurfacing, which will make a noticeable difference — however, it can take a few days to heal.

Alternatively, chemical peels are less invasive and can be part of a skin firming treatment plan. Choose a reputable skincare specialist and work closely with him or her to determine the best solution for your needs.

4. Mix Up Your Makeup

Your cosmetics can disguise sagging skin while helping to combat it. Start with a primer that has been designed to smooth the skin and work as an instant, mini facelift. Anti-aging foundations are designed for dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Often these products will contain specific ingredients that protect and heal the skin while giving you coverage throughout the day.

Subtle contouring with a hint of shimmer can give the illusion of firm skin, creating a “lift” in all the right places. Choose a cream-based formula if your skin is lacking moisture.

Get Firmer Skin

Have you noticed your skin isn’t as firm as it used to be? If the answer is yes, there are a few tricks you can use to rejuvenate your skin. Commit to using an exfoliating toner twice a day, and invest in a hydrating moisturizer to heal and repair your pores.

Look after your body from the inside, with exercise, sleep, and fresh healthy foods. Don’t forget to check in with your skincare specialist for a relaxing yet stimulating facial massage.