4 Plumbing Mistakes You Could Be Making

You had some leftover cooking oil and thought there was nowhere to toss it but into the toilet. After all, you’ll flush and everything will be fine, right? Although this may seem innocent, it could severely clog your kitchen pipes. Professional plumbing repair services may even be needed to unclog your pipes and ensure there’s proper drainage.

Unfortunately, most homeowners end up damaging their plumbing systems unknowingly, something that could lead to costly repairs.

Here are four common plumbing mistakes you could be making – without even knowing it.

1. Using Chemical Products to Unclog Drains

Clogged drains can be a headache and may lead to an overflow if not corrected quickly. Unfortunately, most homeowners end up reaching up for drain cleaners to try and unclog the drains. The problem is that some people may add more cleaner than required.

Too much drain cleaner can damage metal pipes and traps, leading to leaks. Also, most drain cleaners destroy the rubber gaskets, which could cause leakage in the future. Additionally, if you use the drain cleaner and it doesn’t clear the clog, you’ll need to call a plumber who will need to remove the trap arm, which is another added cost.

It’s advisable to call a plumber if you notice that you have a clogged drain. That ensures the problem is resolved correctly, without causing further damage and costs.

2. Buying Wrong Pipe Fittings

It’s tempting to try and fix a leak in your bathroom sink – especially if you are an avid DIYer.  You simply head over to the store and find a pipe that seemingly looks like the broken one at home.

After installing it and waiting for a few weeks, you may notice that it now has a larger leak. You may also lack the knowledge of how to properly fit the various components together, such as the elbows and tees. Incorrectly fitted elbows can also contribute to clogs.

Contact a plumbing technician each time you need to have your pipes replaced or serviced.

3. Overtightening Different Pipe Connections

Another common plumbing mistake many homeowners make is to overtighten pipes, supply tubes, and other fittings. The idea is that excessively tightening the pipes will reduce any chances of a leak happening.

The problem is that you risk cracking the pipes if you overtighten them. You may not notice the effect right away, but it will be visible some weeks later, and could lead to severe water damage. Overtightening the closet bolts between the tank and toilet can also crack and damage the toilet.

Avoid over tightening any fittings without consulting a professional plumbing technician. Always consult an experienced technician to ensure everything is properly fitted.

4. Failure To Get a Plumbing Inspection

Most homeowners don’t schedule regular plumbing inspections if there are no obvious issues, since they don’t believe they have any problems.

Unfortunately, problems like structural damage, clogged air filters, rot, or electrical issues are not easy to spot without an inspection.

Experts recommend scheduling a full-home inspection at least twice a year.  A qualified plumbing technician can determine if your system is functional, what needs replacing, and if there are any potential problems that need to be addressed before they escalate.

Final Thoughts

Trying to fix unclogged drains, leaks, and dealing with other common plumbing problems need skill. Most homeowners assume that these repairs are simple to perform and don’t require a professional.

However, if some of these fixes are not done correctly, you could end up doing more damage. It’s best to call a professional and experienced plumber to help. Also, schedule regular inspections to spot common problems before they escalate and cause further damage to your plumbing system.