4 Facts About Diamonds that You Didn’t Know About

If you happen to have some interest in these valuable stones then you’ve probably come across the fact that compressed carbon is what actually makes up these incredible, precious stones. Oh, and if you didn’t know this already they are April’s birthstone as well. Besides all this, they also happen to be one of the hardest substances on planet earth. In fact, these stones can only cut or scratched by another one of its kind. Yes, they’re that ridiculously hard. Some of them have some really cool facts behind them that most aren’t aware of. Below are 4 facts about them you probably didn’t know about.

1. They Form Over Km Below The Surface Of The Earth

The bright, sparkling diamond stone, which is able to disperse light in one of the most incredible ways imaginable, are manufactured in complete darkness very far underground. Almost every single one of these precious stones is made at depths of around one hundred and forty to one hundred and ninety kilometers underground. Where exactly the formation happens itself is in the lithospheric mantle layer of the planet.

2. Some May Have Originated From Outer Space

This next one might just be by far the most interesting fact of them all on this list. If the title didn’t already give everything away that is. Anyway, some of these stones are believed to have come from an interstellar environment. The Carbonado stone, which is mostly located in South America and Africa, are believed to have come to earth via an asteroid that hit the earth’s crust approximately three billion years ago. You might not find this particular stone in your average engagement ring largely due to how unique and rare they usually are.

3. Most Are Probably One To Three Billion Years Old On Average

The oldest stones of this kind ever discovered are believed be over almost four billion years old. However, most of them as we mentioned earlier range from between one to three billion years in age. Volcanic pipes are what help bring these precious stones into the reach of miners. Most prospectors concentrate on watching out for mineral indicators the likes of magnetite, olivine and garnets.

4. New York City Buys 80% Of All These Precious Stones

Many of these precious stones usually find themselves at home in metropolitan cities. For instance, more rough cuts find their way to Belgium, more specifically Antwerp, which is commonly referred to as the “world’s diamond capital”. Once the whole production process is done and dusted with, around eighty percent of these precious stones found in the world are shipped to non-other than the Big Apple. For those of you who didn’t know, that’s another name for the concrete jungle that is New York City. Here, they are both sold and resold at different locations.

There are so many other fun facts surrounding these incredible and wonderful stones. Many of them happen to be worth celebrating. Unfortunately, we only had room for four of them in this particular article. The world, in general, is nowhere near ready to stop loving these precious stones. They might just be with us until the end of time as the evidence suggests. Nevertheless, we aren’t complaining.

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