4 Awesome Kitchen Design Trends you should follow in 2019

To mention yet again, that the kitchen is the most important room in the home, is a hackneyed phrase. It is where you cook, do the dishes, and have breakfast and dinner every day.

The kitchen is the room that will most likely give your visitors a first and lasting impression about your taste and hygiene. On these grounds, our kitchens should have the nicest designs we could afford.

2018 saw a lot of innovative new designs ranging from avant-garde, time-honored country, and handmade coppice effects but kitchen trend connoisseurs are hoping for features that are more unifying in 2019 — kitchens that integrate appearance, technology, and functionality.

Whether you’re just looking to add some spice or change the look of your kitchen altogether, there are a lot of new design trends that will give you the inspiration to make a bold, personal statement. Here are 5 awesome design trends currently making waves in the home improvement niche.

Custom made pantry and larder
A pantry is a kitchen feature that allows you to store your food, beverages, and other kitchen essentials in an organized way. For someone who loves food and all the delight that comes with it, adding a bespoke fabulous pantry to their kitchen should be on the top of the list.

A smart and well-crafted pantry cupboard with an intelligent internal storage system will enhance accessibility and keep your kitchen free of clutter. Get a kitchen décor expert to integrate an elegant larder cupboard with a design that is ideal for your needs.

Banquette Style Seating

One feature a stylish kitchen has is a lot of space, and the way we seat has a lot to do with that. Most of the conventional kitchen designs feature a table-and-chair seating style, but sliding chairs in and out won’t allow us to manage kitchen space efficiently.

Banquette seating not only saves more than half of the space that table and chairs would require, but is also more comfy. Banquettes spark a feeling of intimacy and privacy, the same reasons why it is predominant in restaurants and informal lounging settings.

Integrated Appliances

What would be your impression if you walk into a smart kitchen and you see no appliances? Kitchen appliances are of different shapes and sizes. Having them sticking out here and there may affect how elegant you want your kitchen to look.

Integrated appliances are the next new thing in kitchen design, and the trend is becoming increasingly popular in 2019. Home decorators can have your microwave ovens, refrigerators, and induction cook

tops have the same look as your cabinetry. There are a wide variety of kitchen appliances that you can integrate into kitchen décor. You can visit Online Kitchen Guide for some awesome ideas.

Kitchen Islands

One way to make a bold statement about your lifestyle and personal preferences is by installing a kitchen island. It automatically reflects your sociability and penchant for luxury.

Go for a kitchen island that requires no setting up. A nice kitchen island keeps your dining articles close to you and also allows you store your beverages in a fashionable way. Most kitchen islands are made of solid wood, have a sturdy form, and will serve you for a very long time.

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