3 Key Steps to Maintain Your Crystals on Daily Basis

Different people use crystals for various purposes, including soothing the mind, body, and soul, while others use crystals for healing. Others believe that crystals promote the flow of positive energy in the world and rid negative energy from the mind, body, and surroundings. It is therefore essential to maintain crystals. You can do this in the following ways.

1.      Use Salt Water

You can use ocean water if you are near an ocean or simply use sea salt or table salt by mixing them in a water bowl. Throughout history, people have used salt to absorb destructive energy and get rid of negativity and, therefore, can be used to cleanse crystals. The use of salt water to cleanse crystals is also the topmost suggested method of cleansing.

You can hold your stone in running water and vision dark energy flowing from the crystal. Water serves to remove dirt and cleanse one’s spiritual energy, just like baptism. Sea salt is the best as it serves as a purifying agent and can help get rid of negative energy from your crystal. However, you cannot use it for porous or soft crystals to rip the crystal from the inside. People believe that salt absorbs all the negativity

that may be surrounding them.

Ensure you fully submerge the crystal in the salt water and let it soak for a few hours to a few days. The soaking should take approximately 48 hours, that is, two days. After soaking, remove the crystal, rinse and dry thoroughly.

2.      Use of Natural Light

Among the many ways of cleansing and maintaining crystals, exposing them to natural sunlight is one of them. You can set your crystal outside in the sun to cleanse and recharge. The best time to put your crystal outside is the time before nightfall and before 11 AM. Approximately, the crystal should be out for 10 to 12 hours. This makes sure the stone gets natural light from both the sun and the moon.

Taking your stone inside before 11 AM prevents prolonged exposure to direct sunlight which can cause the stone’s surface to weather. For further cleansing and activating your moldavite, place it directly on the earth instead of putting it on a surface. This is because people take soil to be another cleansing agent for crystals. However efficient for cleansing, ensure it is free from disturbances from passersby or pets walking around that area.

To prevent disturbances, you can bury your crystal on the soil for a few hours or days and mark your burying site to avoid losing it. The soil will not only cleanse your crystal but will also charge it.

After collecting the crystal from outside, rinse it to remove any dirt and dry it before storing it. Do not use this method for soft and vibrant crystals that cold or wet weather can damage.

3.      By Visualization

We consider visualization the safest way to cleanse crystals, although some people find it intimidating. You can do this by envisioning your energy with that of the crystal. Speak to the crystal verbally or silently. As you meditate, you can hold the crystal in your hand if you feel comfortable or in any part of your body that you want to work with.

Before placing the crystal in your hands, please take a few minutes to ground and center your energy, then pick up the stone, visualizing white and radiant light filling up your hands and the light filling up the rock, making it grow brighter in your hands.

Thank the stone for its presence and take a few minutes in meditation. This can help bring back positive energy in the crystal, as a brief interaction can go a long way. You can also sing to it or send positive energy through your breathing. If your stone feels heavier or has lost its shine, speaking positive energy to it can go a long way.

If you are planning to go outside, you can take the crystal with you. Most people believe that energy from a park or a beach has a powerful effect on your crystal’s energy activation. Visualization as a maintenance method for saltwater crystals applies to all kinds of stones, and the approximate duration for visualization of each stone should be one minute.

It is essential to maintain your crystal through activation and maintain a positive flow of energy around you. Do this so it can serve its intended purpose of healing and calming the mind, soul, and body and improving your overall condition.