3 Décor Themes, 3 Different Rugs

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When you are decorating the interior of your home, you will want to search for unique pieces that are complementary tie together the room together in one comprehensive look. One decor piece that can do just that is a rug! A rug is a piece with a lot of potential, which many people often overlook when thinking about home decor. Today, we will share different types of traditional rugs to go with the different types of decor styles you may be thinking about for your interior home decor.

Modern rugs for minimalist interior design styles

If a minimalist interior design is your cup of tea, you might be thinking that a rug will be too much for your interior design. However, if you incorporate a bold pattern or coloured modern rug into the room you are decorating, it can serve as a focal point for the minimalist style.

One problem that a lot of designers run into when opting for a minimalist decor scheme is how to keep a consistent theme across the home without making everything look the same. Picking a modern rug (or rugs) for your home is a great way to add consistency without taking away from the minimalist design that you have worked so hard to achieve!

Traditional rugs for French country styles

If a French country style is more of your taste, a rug can warm up the room you are designing. It will promote a cosy feel that most people want in their living space. Adding a rug to a French country style home can also create an inviting atmosphere that will have your guests feeling welcomed in your home.

Adding a rug to a French country style home can also transport your imagination to the French countryside Provence without even having to leave your own home! When paired with cabin inspired interiors, you and your guests will feel like you have travelled to a faraway land.

Tribal rugs for bohemian styles

If you would describe your design style as bohemian, you are likely looking for a tribal print rug to go with your decor scheme. Particularly, you’ll want to look for bright and bold coloured rugs to convey feelings of vitality and youthfulness. You may be thinking that a bright rug may be too much for your personal style, but once again it can serve as a central focal point for the room and add cohesion to the overall design scheme!

In addition to being a fun and bright colour, a rug in your tribal print themed room or home can foster your carefree and adventurous spirit through your unique interior design style. Tribal rugs are all uniquely made, so you are sure to find one that fits your individual style perfectly. In fact, you may even find a tribal rug that tells a story. In this case, it can serve not only as the focal point of the room but also as a fun talking point when you have guests in your home.

Overall, a rug can change the look and feel of any room in your home, regardless of the design theme you choose to go with. Add one in the main room of your home for a nice focal point or add multiple rugs throughout your home to create a comprehensive and cohesive look. Your guests will enjoy the atmosphere and of course the feel of a cosy rug beneath their feet every time they visit your home.

This article has been written by Hali Rugs, a leading Australian brand of beautiful handmade rugs.

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